My Harem Grew So Large, I Was Forced to Ascend
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  • Hòugōng tài duō, zhǐhǎo fēishēngle
  • This Harem Is Too Much, I Have To Ascend!
  • Мой гарем так велик, что пришлось отправиться на небеса
  • 后宫太多,只好飞升了
  • 妹子太多,只好飞升了
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Tsundere heavenly master, big-breasted sister, barefoot poison cultivator, immortal swordswoman with white silk clothes, the last 5 out of the 6 strongest people in the world. I, Ye Gulou have become the first person to cultivate immortality through pure unbounded Yang. But wait, cultivating pure unbounded Yang means I can't form relationships with women or else I'll die?! Then what can I do about this harem of mine that's grown so large over the years? They're all chasing me down, coercing me to choose between them (otherwise they'll kill Me). They've forced me to ascend to the Heavens, to immortality right now to escape from their wrath. Oh shit, they followed me to the new world?!! Let's see what awaits us as my harems from both worlds combine!
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Conclusion: This is actually waaaay better than I thought it was. The comedy's on point at parodying all the Japanese ecchi manga/anime.

I'd like something cuter and more pure, though.
Why show all the boobs and stuff, onee chan cliché, when you know, you're never gonna give the good stuff, given the chinese nature of this manhua??
@taizi02 Remember, those who hates is those who love 'em. They are just not honest wanna act like Xiao Ye. So just add those 1 star voters to the 10 stars votes.

Those in 2~9 aren't cultured men/women. They are wise, so they are the genuine voters.

The 10 stars voters is all cultured, congratulations. I voted 10 Star
ffs why is there alot of 1 star vote which is over half of the people who voted 10 star. are they the people who likes cliché isekai harem white knight?
the story plot is kinda new as its centered on wuxia cultivator ascended to the old school rpg world with comedy as its theme. if you play enough old rpg games you can pretty much relate at some of references and jokes here and there.
i give it a 9 out of 10, cause its kinda unique and of course because of
edit: well as i am a man of culture, i gave it a 10. what more can i ask for? when it has and a prettty good overall plot and character. with a hell of a lot bad stuffs here and there, you cant be choosy on this one.
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cum ass and bloods the manhua
10 stars for boobies and thicc asses quality
Where the comedy tag at? Will the MC finally grow up a pair of balls and do something with the girls? Chinese MC but he's acting like a japanese MC, will his relationship progress with the girls or just keep swirling around like this, maybe someone that read raws can reply, it'd be much appreciated.
@sjgt07 then the other 4 will besiege him again.

Mod Note: Please use spoiler tags when talking about chapter-specific or future events.
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10 star for the tiddies.
Come on guys. It's at least 8. Fix the rating and we can talk. I mean, look at them tiddies *smh*
ok the mc is a hard simp for every women he sees wtf
truly a Material arts character
Since he's not cursed anymore. Can't he just confess to xiaoyu? It was the only thing holding him back in the prev realm. Not thought out and dumb but bewbs sell.
Any story where the source of conflict is goddesses arguing over which one was using a cucumber as a dildo? Is pure win in my book.
this is funny, and the art is pretty good
This is pure gold.
I love the idea of combining Chinese xianxia with Japanese isekai, and the humor is pretty good.
The only problem is that there's not enough chapters.
What the fuck is going on? I don't fucking understand? I am so confused?
Review: Art supper good. Especially for girls.
Story: 7/10 Basically cultivators in fantasy world. Expect cuckblocks, maybe too much.
@Opticalwinter I did not mean literally but it appeals to the desires of the teenageers, BUT it does not change the fact that the series is shit xD