Carnivorous Princess Yegrinna
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  • 육식공주 예그리나
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Shik-nam doesn't need women. Who needs them when you've got the catharsis of an intense math equation? Then comes the complication. The animal kingdom is furious with what the world has become, so they sent Yegrinna, the dog princess, to punish the sinful humans for dirtying the world, and she lands right on top of him. Wait, what the hell?!
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It's pretty average. I enjoyed it, but it was pretty predictable and did nothing exceptional.

A lot of character traits were brought up but made to be completely meaningless (i.e. Shik-nam's love for math), and really caused the story to feel hollow.

I might be a bit biased too, because from the art and description, I was expecting a rom-com between two socially inept (in their own way) people becoming closer through their interactions. I.e. Shik-nam being a lot more obsessed with math, to the point it's an actual part of his character, instead of something said in passing. And for Yegrinna to be a social butterfly but lacking common sense.

But instead it's an feel-good predictable plot that had 2.5 dimensional characters, fairly lackluster character interactions, poor character growth, and a fairly disappointing ending.
Good protaganist, weak plot and pacing.
Great art, interesting story, but weak to convey feelings.
All 5 Volumes uploaded, ~Complete~
It's been a long time since I've read this, and I definitely read it before I realized that..Ha Il-Kwon is the author? Wow.