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  • 비즈니스 퍼포먼스, Rendimiento de negocio
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Jung Rin is the former leader of the so-called failed group 'Pantetosan'. 3 years after his contract ended, he lived as an ordinary unemployed man, rather than an idol. One day, Pantetosan's once youngest member, currently a rising actor in his 20s, Yeon Seoho, met Rin.

"You wrote this, right?"

Seoho pushed a book towards Rin, and proposed to him with an elegant expression.

"If you wrote this, do you have any thoughts in making this into a movie?"

Rin kept rejecting but it was difficult to resist Seoho's stubborness.
He then made a proposal to Seonho...

"From now on, 5 times...."
"5 times?"
"I to go out with me on a date."

"I know well that you can act well, it won't do if I can't check it by myself,"

  • Original Webtoon (kakao)

    Jung Rin es el exlíder del fallido grupo llamado 'Pantetosan'. Tres años después de terminar su contrato, vive como un desempleado común y corriente, en lugar de como un ídolo. Un día, el miembro más joven de Pantetosan, actualmente un actor en ascenso en sus 20´s, Yeon Seoho, se reúne con Rin.
    “Tú escribiste esto, ¿verdad?”
    Seoho empujó un libro hacia Rin y le propuso algo con una expresión elegante.
    “Si tu escribiste esto, ¿no tienes intención alguna de convertirlo en película?”
    Rin siguió rechazándolo, pero era difícil resistirse a la terquedad de Seoho.
    Entonces le hizo una propuesta a Seoho ...
    "De ahora en adelante, 5 veces ..."
    "¿5 veces?"
    "Quiero ... que salgas conmigo en una cita."
    "Sé que puedes actuar bien, pero no servirá si no puedo comprobarlo yo mismo".
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    It's now licensed by Tappytoon in English! Have to sign in to see it since it's a mature title.
    I will just pretend the second couple and their drama doesn't exist and try to enjoy the rest 😀
    im confused?????????? ch1 is ch6? thought the black one hair is lead lol and the rape is who? suddenly there is white hair and gray, it seems they are the lead one. lol ???
    I'm invested already, looks like an enjoyable read 😍
    Thank you for translating this , this is very much interesthing lol so cute
    AM IN.!
    Thank you for bringing us this new series! Looking forward the next chapter ☺️
    isn't this yaoi?