Max Level Returner
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  • MLR
  • 나 혼자 만렙 귀환자
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120 million people have disappeared worldwide.

[Final Quest Completion Reward: 'Return' Activated]

For the first time in 22 years, Yoon Sang-Hyuk cleared the world's worst survival game.
He, the so-called strongest person among all other players, one who possess all reward items even the ones that no one else could earn, has come back.

[Return of the Masked Monarch]
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Wtf is going to be in this chaos chest?
Guys beware of this manhwa, read it at your own risk.
1. Well, shit attracts shit. If you are really that much interested in that shitty manhua, i can't help you.
2. Well, my entilted ass is reading sk scans. To be fair their translation is below yours(slightly). I can't argue on that though as both of you do, MTL.
3. Reaper Scans dropped it because it was a shitty manhwa. I don't know what's in your mind, just save your time and hard work by dropping it.
4. I ask forgiveness for not knowing sword king issue.
5. Well it's my right to assume whatever.
And if that thing has really spiced up your ass then i can't do anything about it.
6. Last, i hope u don't wreck up path of shaman.
7. Max level return, everyone in comment section, is saying it is a shit well an epitome of shit.
MC has no personality, no development, no dialogue, no thoughts. He's all-powerful, he just smiles and a few panels later defeats the enemy, he smiles and pulls a rare item out of his ass, he smiles and the other players bow down to him, and so on.
@Piyush123 You're oblivious to what actually happened, you're not stating any facts. Do you really think we would drop Sword King without a reason? What sort of logic would that be? I'm happy to hear you took all the work we've done on Sword king previously for granted and are complaining we didn't continue instead.

This is the issue with providing free content to certain people, they'll turn into entitled shit-heads like you who don't bother looking into what they say and assume everything they assume is correct.

If this is easier to understand for you:
- I do not care if Max Level Returner is shit.
- I will translate what I want.
- I do not care that your entitled ass doesn't want to read SK's version of Sword King.
- You're complaining about baseless assumptions you've made.
- 'The leader of reaper scans said that it's a trash.' ~ Go fact check who the leader of Reaper Scans is.
- We dropped Sword King along with all of our other licensed or DMCA'ed series to avoid legal issues.
And why do u feel that i am mad sir??
I am just stating the facts.
Last edited 4 days ago by Piyush123.
A scan team name SK scans started scanlating from chapter 66.
Don't know why they dropped it.
I don't care other scan team is translating it.
uhh, can you take away the mask and just be a monarch?
Asura dropped Sword King? It is so hype tho wtf
@Piyush123 why u mad bro? eksdee
Why asura is still translating this shit. Reaper already dropped this, The leader of reaper scans said that it's a trash. Story is not that much interesting.
Then, why they(asura) are doing this, They dropped survival story of the sword king which was really good compared to this shit.
Don't know what's going in their mind nowadays.
This is bad. I mean really bad. Its the korean equivalent to those trashy OP Harem infested Xian xia series, or the Power trip sex fantasies of Japanese isekai series. I mean, there are far better "modern world turns fantasy/dungeon" second chance - series out there, with better writing, characters, action, and plot.

This is like... really trashy. Cliché plot. Suspenseless uninteresting action scenes. Poor world building. Bad pacing. Overall bad writing. All of this can be forgivable if the characters, especially the MC is interesting. He is not. He is soooooooooooooooo boring. So bland. No character because being pompous. And the side characters aren't interesting either.

I don't recommend reading this one unless you are REALLY desperate for another korean modern fantasy dungeon series while waiting for chapters of the good/decent series. This is quite honestly, the worst korean one I have ever read.

tl;dr Its Trash. Skip unless forced to read at gun point.
Ah, i get it, there's no sense of urgency, the stakes are as low as they can be, that's why I'm not invested in the story.... that's why I found myself more bored the more I read it.
Or maybe is because the mc is unappealing? Everytime he appears with the mask I'm reminded of the cringe, he doesnt look cool

By all means I should like the mc, he's not dumb and has an objective.... but I don't and don't know why.
The brother has taken a lot of screen time and has done nothing. Not even as a sidekick

I don't know I just find this one below average
i rarely say this, but this is kinda shit. his mask is ugly and everything is so cringe-ily tacky. i feel like the author is trying to make everyone badass but is failing miserably. Like even the main character fucking sucks. Also the MCs brother seems like a cock sucker who is just there to make the mc seem cooler. idk. maybe youll like it, maybe you wont, try it out, just know that i actively try and find terribly good isekai/fantasy manga and this was bad enough to make think that its shit.
Was it castle of chaos or chaos of castle. Lol. Is asura scans ok? Quality seems to be going down.
my brain hurts
@Nareza in chapter 43 the picture has yellow eyebrows. While 36 has black. So I hope its not.
The story is okay enough...but why does his mask gotta be so ugly :( not cute at all lmao
“You’re nothing like Baal”
But then he continues to assume that clone is fighting like Baal and not a pussy when smh
In chapter 36, is that a sign of NTR?