Fate/Grand Order - Daily Chaldea (Doujinshi)
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Daily Chaldea is an unofficial daily slice-of-life fancomic created using art assets from the game Fate/Grand Order and building upon the existing lore of the franchise. The story follows the adventures of genderswapping protagonist Ritsuka Fujimaru and the many Servants they've summoned, with the tone ranging from comedic to philosophical. The comic is 'live' with the NA server of Fate/Grand Order, with new characters appearing in the comic around the time they appear in the game and comics often referencing recent events in the game. Enjoyment of this comic relies heavily upon the reader's familiarity with the game and its characters, so the author recommends playing Fate/Grand Order before reading this comic.

This comic is being uploaded to MangaDex by reader request and with the approval of MangaDex staff. All art is copyright TYPE-Moon / FGO Project, Aniplex Inc., Delightworks, and other copyright holders as appropriate. This comic is not for profit (through ad revenue or otherwise).

Some early use the original white backgrounds. Later comics have darker backgrounds and additional art assets for improved quality.
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np oof
@Argo_the_rat Yeah, I kinda lost power before I could upload yesterday's chapter... XD
streak broken NOOOOOO
@assman162 The thing to remember is that this isn't a comedy series - it's slice-of-life. It's not funny every day, and it's not supposed to be funny every day. Asking for better jokes all the time is a little like asking a battle series to not have people fight so much. If you're looking for comedy, it may be easier to look for series that are supposed to be funnier instead of trying to change things that aren't humor-focused to start with.
edit: i suppose i was a bit harsh considering the creator is on the comments here

but it's meh. i'd rather it release less often but with better jokes
Hmmmm not bad
that is also true
Remember, this is a backup/archive. XD The daily uploads have continued without interruption from the start of the comic in its main hosting place.
i wouldent say the streaks too broken
there was a double upload to make up for it
I'm guessing the ones who left a bad review without reasoning don't even know how the Fate series works yet
oof the daily streak has been broken
chap 570-574 makes far too much sense for what it's about.....
@Grimmycoffee https://imgur.com/a/7j8YlRv; it's no longer kept up-to-date, however.
@Rednal Do you have the link for them? It doesn't have to be everything, just some is enough
@Grimmycoffee Yes. I'm uploading this to Mangadex by user request. Some people find it much easier to find and link to specific older comics this way, rather than having to scroll through a giant album. The Imgur album also had a few problems, including things being out of order or not uploaded at all because their uploading system is pretty bad.
A bit unrelated, but wasn't there an imgur album for all of this before? Reading this the same way as normal manga doesn't feel that good for me
I wish there would write down characters's name in each chapter.
Why TF are people complaining. This is meant to be entertainment that doesn't hit every audience. If you hate it, then leave.