One Sword Reigns Supreme
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  • หนึ่งกระบี่สยบมาร
  • 一剑独尊
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The family elders, fighting for the right to exploit the mines, sent someone to crush his dantian, and became an abandoned son of the Ye family. However, he accidentally entered the Tower of Boundless Hell because of his mother's bleeding ring and was instructed by a mysterious person to cultivate the Dao of the sword, which no one had ever cultivated before. Ye family abandoned son Ye Xuan: "I must become strong so that I can protect my sister and take back everything I lost in the Ye family." Mysterious woman: "Follow me and I'll make you the strongest swordsman in all the heavens." With the help of the mysterious woman, could Ye Xuan become the strongest swordsman in the realm of the heavens?

French / Français
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for me, this is good enough manhua. but you need to read this at least 10chapters per read.
Gravewind really hit the nail on the head below. This is a nice looking mess. There is basically zero exposition. We know nothing about the world, we know nothing about the characters situation or history e.g. why was the MC's brother reincarnated? How can BlueSkirt McBigBoobs see instantly that he was reincarnated? Is this a common thing? Who the fuck knows! and the comic sure isnt going to explain it. It really is garbage, just try and explain what the fuck happens during his academy application.

Looking at the light novel it seems theres a fair amount of rape coming up as well. Dont waste your time on this shit.
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damn this is on another level of stupidity.
I read a lot of Chinese TL'd novels and manhuas. Some good, a lot bad. This is one of your typical betrayal and left for dead - randomly chosen by mysterious entity and powered up - revenge/conquest stories.
HOWEVER, the author fails to give any kind of back story about why the main character was betrayed, who the characters even are, and there is no compelling reason to get invested with the main character and really give 2 schits. It's only a good read in that the art is mostly decent and there may be nothing better to read if you're waiting for other chapter updates.
5/10 and that's being generous.
If you read any other chinese manga , then you can skip this one. Its all the same.
This is worth the read. This goes through the usual tropes but with a good twist. I personally like this much more than the generic crap that is simply a reprint of others' work.
This shouldn't be rated above 7... Still gonna read it tho, LMAO
my sword is better than your sword
This is so baaaad, still gonna read it tho 😂
trash, trash, trash. dropped.
i can't really understand the point of this manhua, everything happened so abruptly, i can guess what happened between the line if i just use general knowledge of xianxia novel, but if it were some random guy who never read such were to come here, all they see will just be pictures without proper progression, the manhua literally just panels of different events (x did A, x did B, x did C) with so little connection between those events.

also, the TL quality is questionable, some weird and confusing terms, nonsense conversation between characters, it might be possible that my bad experience was wholly the TL's fault.
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alt name = 一劍都尊