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  • Les Triplées
  • Отвязная Троица
  • สามรั่วตัวแสบ
  • みつどもえ
  • 三人混战
  • 超元氣3姊妹
  • 쓰리몬
  • 8.32
  • 8.67
  • 85
Pub. status:
  • 83,252
  • 2,787
  • 226
The somewhat precocious and sadistic girl Mitsuba, the somewhat lecherous muscle girl Futaba, and the somewhat mysterious dark girl Hitoha. Better known as the (mischievous) "Marui Sisters," this is the story of how these triplets go about their days in Class 6-3 with their cute yet wild antics.
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  • Volume 0/19
  • Chapter 0/348

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where are chapters 173-300?
i'm having mandela effect on a fourth sister
Much respect for keeping the translations going so long
Ch. 301 was a request from one of the fans because it was 16 pages long, and I decided to do it despite the huge gap it would make.
Our latest release is actually Ch. 161 -- we're still filling in the huge gap left by other scanlation groups that came before us.
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1+ year stuck on ch 301? was going throw my MAL manga list and noticed i had this on reading on 301, came to check and still no need chapters :*(, being a manga reader sure is hard.
Hi, guys! We're doing a Q&A Session similar to what the official Mitsudomoe anime website did, where YOU (yes, you!) get to tell or ask the Mitsudomoe cast anything you want!

Just message me your comments and questions below, or send an email to, or post something on and we'll respond to them in a future Mitsudomoe manga chapter!

Keep those posts coming, you guys! 😉
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Awesome! I've been looking for users (both from the old and the new MD) that have read Mitsudomoe.
Anyone who likes this awesome series is a friend-o'-mine! 😉
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I was reading it on batoto, can't remember myself commenting much, but hey, I was there :D
I've been reading this for years. Damn.
So... Anybody here from the old Mitsudomoe page on Anyone? 🙂
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I feel the same way. They can certainly brighten up anyone's day. :)
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Thanks for your hard work. I'm sure i don't need the triplets in my life, but they are still welcomed addition.

Thank you for the kind words as well!
I just couldn't stand not knowing what happened next on chapter 79, and look where we are now! :P

As an additional status update, progress on the remaining Vol. 8 chapters is still ongoing.
Once again, thank you all for the continued patience and support!

You guys rock! ;)
@floatingsunfish you rock. thank you for translating the missing chapters
@Tcof: Sadly, no. This is because Studio Bridge basically gave up on this series when they cancelled Season 2 due to poor sales in Japan.

Now, we do have the Drama CD's handy, so if we can somehow band some fan animators together to make our own Season 2.5, that would be awesome.
I miss this. is it possible to season 3 ?
@Lotvk: Yep, I sure do! I plan to continue working on this awesome series for as long as I can, so we can all hopefully see the ending together.

It's not gonna be easy with my abysmal update schedule, but sadly no other scanlation group seems to be interested in helping out (trust me, I tried asking the old groups that came before me, but sadly none of them seem to have the time nor desire to work on it anymore, and I don't think pitching Mitsudomoe to groups that have never touched it is a good idea because of the... content).

I just wanna say thanks to you and all other fans for your continued patience and support. ;) You guys rock!
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I love fat little Mitsudomoe lolis!
@floatingsunfish I think I have a good understanding of the release history now, does your group plan to continue translating chapters?