Isekai Yurutto Survival Seikatsu: Gakkou no Minna to Isekai no Mujintou ni Tenishitakedo Ore Dake Rakushou desu
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  • Survival life in a different world ~I moved to an uninhabited island in a different world with everyone at school, but I'm the only one who wins easily~
  • 異世界ゆるっとサバイバル生活 ~学校の皆と異世界の無人島に転移したけど俺だけ楽勝です~
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I’m Shinomiya Hokage, a 3rd-year high-school boy who dreams of a survival life. One day, everyone in my school transferred to a mysterious island in a parallel world. I woke up in an unknown cave and I started moving on my own. Then, I met up with some of my classmates. My knowledge and tools in survival shines through. I was a plain guy in school but I’m the leader in this world.

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Note: Temporary cover.
Monthly serialization / Serialización mensual.

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    @saitoh514 100% would still read even if that happened.
    @Vogh there are quite a few hidden gems in manhua that are very good, although most of the are shit
    2 months? Godamn, I shouldn't even bookmark this.
    Looks like something that will be axed after the second volume ;p
    The survival aspect of this manga doesnt really go beyond location and some plot convenience. If we talk survival here, they should all be cat poop about now and the new MC would be the tiger.
    There's a manhua that's a lot better than this fan service manga, so full of sh*t!
    does anyone know something that is similar to the premise of this manga?
    gostei obrigado por traduzirem
    Too much ecchi shit, not enough survival stuff. Characters seem very bland and generic so far. Wish I could just get a good survival manga.
    I was kind of hoping that he would have gotten bullied by everyone else in the class for being a survival geek, and when they got teleported to the island, that he would be a duchbag back to them and not help them at all or something along the lines of getting revenge
    It's beyond garbage, The setup was super lazy from the author, plot jumps all over the place, all of the characters are just so superficial I doubt they're even human, the only good thing about this is the art and its not even that good.
    @SmartBirb wow thanks for ur info, i'm scared it will be going ntr-ed. btw what about bunch of horny guys ? is they dead ? (u can whisper me capt)
    Im in ch24 at wn so far. I like where this is headed, tho pretty generic harem so far. No ntr,level headed mc. It reminds me cage of eden. Pretty good story with a sick plot twist highly reccomend
    @Mindself i agree, what even is this at this pojnt
    It does have action. I expect a corny shounen fight with only attempted rape on the main girls.

    I at least hope mc has the guts to kill.
    kinda forced the blowjob, it could`ve been later in a few chapters, develop some kind of relationship, just too superficial to just go and do it, cuz of fear of something in the first fucking day.
    Is it me or these stories keep getting dumber and dumber?
    is the new generation of readers just a bunch of idiots who gobble anything?
    @Anonime no sexual violence or drama tag so that's a hard no.
    1chapter a month Big F but I’ll take what I can get
    looks like next chapter would be the mc harem taken by the bad guys
    and the mc watch them,as the girls virginity being taken in front of the mc