Cloth Road
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  • クロスロオド
  • 服装战斗师
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  • 8,826
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Fergus is an apprentice fashion designer who hates his life. His master is a drunk, the love of his life is a street whore, and the only model willing to buy his clothes is a fat drug popper. While attending to his "model" at a game of War-King, a competition of beauty and fighting prowess, Fergus is treated to the sight of a real fashion model who easily dispenses of Fergus' model. Fergus then sinks into deeper despair now knowing the huge gap that lies between him and the top brands. To make matters worse, his master collapses and is hospitalized that same day. Just when he wonders if life can get any worse, fate conveniently presents to him a long-lost twin sister, Jennifer.
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  • Volume 0/11
  • Chapter 0/83

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@Mizumachi The female lead is Jennifer, the model twin.

There is no main ship as I don't think Hideyuki does romance and there was no marriage/relationship upgrade in the finale
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What is the main ship?
Oh wait, they are siblings, who is the female lead then?
I have the chinese scans for vols 8-11, so if anyone wants to translate them and finally complete this manga please ask me.

Also best ship is obviously Jennifer/June May.
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I really hope the scanlations continue at some point. It's such a delightful classic adventure story, with a premise that serves as the perfect platform for Okama's fantastic art.

Degenerates among us will gladly ship Fergus x Jennifer.
I have a complete set of this manga. (It's licensed in my country and already ended.)

It's a very nice manga, definitely worth to be in my eternal collection.
I will recommend it to my child in the future, when they are old enough to read a hardcore thing like this.