Tricks Dedicated to Witches
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  • For My Next Trick, I'll Need a Witch
  • Majo Ni Sasageru Trick
  • Tricks Dedicated to Witches
  • Witch Trick
  • Обмани ведьму
  • ทริคเฉพาะสำหรับแม่มด
  • 魔女に捧げるトリック
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In 2021, Harry Makito, genius magician, was holding a one time only retirement show in Tokyo when he burned to death in an unexpected accident. He was 17 years old. Or so one would think. But he lived, finding himself reincarnated 400 years earlier in Medieval Europe during the age of the Witch Trials! Now he fights against the church which unjustly brands women as witches with his tricks disguised as miracles. It's like real magic!
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Finally,some good fucking food.Got tired of braindead cliche harem isekai.
Now this is a step up, hell, a whole league above all the copy-paste isekai crap that seems to be leaking from every orifice.
Something that's actually good, story and art-wise that isn't just some mindless harem fanservice vending machine.
Finally something worth to read
Very nice
Pog, I found gold.
Thanks for the translation
Oh this is High Quality
its more of a heist series than an ecchi harem
Before I read this, is this a harem?
Holy crap this manga is fun as hell!
It’s a comedy, so don’t expect historical accuracy. Instead, expect good comedy (which it provides well). I mean... really good comedy.
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Wait a second...
Good stuff here
I want more
I'm pretty sure

That's just my guess tho.
holy chocolate, this is great
Too dark for me.
More than 10 people are guilty of rating this as a mere 1
I've always wanted a series where a modern illusionist gets transported to a world where they can pass their real life grounded magic off as real magic. The only thing that would have fulfilled my desire 100% is if there were also real magic in the world, but that would be the exact opposite of what this series is trying to be.

Actually, I'd love a series like this to be written by Gregorius Yamada too for medieval accuracy, but then I don't know how well the magic part will do

I've only read one chapter so far, but I'm really really hoping it will be good, and not just a harem

And since everyone's putting their input on whether the church was actually involved with witch trials, as a mostly atheist, mine is that the church sucks but not to the extent anti-religious people want to think. Yeah, it would be suspicious that the church denies being part of a horrible incident they were associated with, but then they'd also have to forge the documents written at the time about the goings on at the church. Placating a vocal minor part of your fanbase or those with power is a very human thing that happens when your institution is run by humans, regardless of whether it is a house of god

Edit: yeah it's pretty good. Just ignore the medieval inaccuracies and pretend it is an alternate universe cause they really do treat this world more like a fantasy medieval Europe
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@einjineer The church didn't promote the Witch Hunts, instead stating that witches and magic weren't real... they denied the existence of witches... wanting people to believe that only they alone had power...

But in the end, mobs and superstitious villagers and greedy people existed....

It doesn't matter what you promote, people still pick and choose what they want to believe. There is surprisingly more diversity in ancient Europe than people give it credit for, with different places having different beliefs and cultures...

Even in modern times, with the internet and information being easily accessible, there are catholic cultures that still have practices that are anti-catholic... in a such a situation...

The masses have a lot more influence than they actually get credit for. And culture cannot be fully controlled... it's why the Catholic church often adopted other cultures... because changing or removing a hugely ingrained religious or cultural belief is difficult.

And that doesn't mean there weren't any priests or members at all that didn't join (the Church is a large organization and there were going to be some that either didn't want to fight the mob, or were among the crowd).

The Church had influence, sure, but it didn't have absolute control (and frankly, they didn't need absolute control; just enough to get what they want; they were more interested in controlling the top political figures rather than the ignorant masses).
@deathmailrock lol yeah, some peoples here say the church didn't believe in witches, then why are they promoting witch hunt?
I believe the church at those times has the power to rally troops to holy war, but they can't even prevent the witch hunt if we want to believe that the church is clean.

The Popes asking for forgiveness about that (according to this manga) is useless then.