3-gatsu no Lion
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  • 3 Gatsu no Lion
  • 3月のライオン
  • 3月的獅子
  • El león de marzo
  • Leão de Março
  • März kommt in wie ein Löwe
  • Março vem como um leão
  • March Comes in Like a Lion
  • Maret Datang Seperti Singa
  • Sangatsu no Lion
  • Sư Tử Tháng 3
  • Un marzo da leoni
  • Мартовский лев
  • يَحٍلُ مارس كالأسد
  • ตราบวันฟ้าใส
  • 三月的狮子
  • 三月的獅子
  • 9.12
  • 9.20
  • 979
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  • 369,916
  • 12,228
  • 210
A youth named Kiriyama Rei, who lost his family as a child, endures loneliness to become a professional shogi player. Then, through a chance meeting, he develops a relationship with the three Kawamoto sisters (Akari, Hinata, Momo), who hail from a working-class district of the city, and little by little his frozen heart begins to thaw.

Note: Nominated for the 2nd Annual Manga Taishou in 2009 and won this award in 2011.
Won the Kodansha Manga Award in the general category (shared with Space Brothers) in 2011 and won the Grand Prize of the 18th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2014.

The following links are to AnimeNetwork for the anime:
Season 1
Season 2
Live-action movie
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Reading this make me want to find happiness
Oh man, monthly uploads feel so painful but at least it hasn't been dropped. I really hope this gets licensed in Mexico (there's a Spanish version but it's actually from Spain) or at least in America so I can buy it a little bit cheaper.

PS Shouldn't "Hachimitsu to Clover" be in Related as a shared universe?
Man I really wanna buy an official translation, I hope somebody decides to publish it 😔
Every chapter is a delight.
Way too shoujo-like and wordy for me.
Guess I'll check out the anime and see if it's condensed better.
Been reading this manga for as long as i can remember and I never get disappointed or bored of the storyline. Every single character’s narration is so good and always hooks you to keep on reading. If this was published in eng, I would definitely buy it. The writing and especially the art make it wonderful! 🥺
A chapter, finally.
How has an English publisher not picked this up? Also: 😔 the time moves so slowly between updates, alas.
@Sp12er Go for it, you can start reading around chapter 90.
they already adapted chapter 97 in the last episode for season 2 where he visits his adopted families home. So you can skip it if you want.
Just finished two seasons of the aniem, is it a good idea to just continue off the chapter count on where the anime ended?
And now I'm officially caught up with the latest translated chapter available atm.

I know this may sound extremely silly, but it's the same way as I did with other series that I fell in love with - I started to watch the anime first and then go through the manga to enjoy it in a more accessible manner. But, as I am a tiny bit behind in the anime (due to my order of priorities, really), I said "why not" and started bing reading the manga from the moment where I left it off (where I caught the anime previously) and it has been a VERY NICE trip.

All of these characters, the whole development around Rei... mellowing through characters that I didn't think I would mellow towards to (very well deservedly so), getting through them... it's amazing what Umino does with this.

The anime is also pretty good - the visuals translate well and the studio gives them their typical spin and it's quite a treat to watch, too.

I wish I could own an official translation of this series one day, too.
I wish this manga had an official English translation. I would buy it so hard. It’s my favorite anime and now my favorite manga as well
I LOVE this manga so so much
Not that it matters, but did the ratings for this manga just go way down to fast ?
I think it was a 9.32 just the other day.
Every time I come back to this I get reminded what a masterpiece it is
Back in the Batoto days, I wrote long posts about shogi, sports, and music and how difficult it was to be a prodigy, and argued and agreed with PLG about all of those things. Now, I am just thinking about how wonderful and adorable Hina-chan is. It's almost as though I have been sucked into Rei's mind frame and fallen in love with her myself. Although I'm an old geezer and don't condone anything disgusting like what some may think, I like to remember the times I fell in love as a teenager and what made it special. Hina's character is so well defined by Umino Sensei's words and art, that it's really hard not to fall in love with her. She's the girl that any decent man worth his salt would want to meet as a teenager. Aside from romantic love, the whole family: Grandfather, Akari, Hina, and Momo-chan are pretty much ideal people. Aside from enjoying the shogi playing, I really, really enjoy the author's genius for creating characters and how much she makes them real and fascinating. I would love it if this manga went on for years until a 30 year old Kiriyama Rei crushed the shogi world as Meijin.
Missing NTR tag
A painfully short update.
need a season 3 of this...