Shuffle! - Days in the Bloom
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  • Shuffle
  • Shuffle!
  • Shuffle! Days in the Bloom
  • シャッフル!
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The world as we know it was suddenly altered forever when the door for the dimension of the gods and the door of the dimension of the demons suddenly opened up. Ten years later, a boy named Tsuchimi Rin was entrusted with two princesses from those dimensions. Will he be able to keep his sanity while living with his childhood friend Kaede, trying to live a normal school life, and also being a neighbor to both of princesses and their fathers, the mighty dimension Lords? The hearts of those girls are at stake and only Rin has the key to unlock them.
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I come back as a teen to challenger you manga I already watched the anime as a kid and cried so this time I will read you and not cry

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Thank you, it's still good to know.
I dunno if I'll have the guts to rewatch it again, I remember it as a rather slow pace anime (I was kinda seeking for romance anime at that time).
I also asked that as usually, the manga does have a bit more story compared to the anime (exception made for a long run anime).
If it's essentially the same, then no need to read it I guess unless there's some change?
@KN-XIII not sure if you're still curious, but I'd assume it doesn't go much further, if it does at all. There were only 36 chapters of this. The anime might have been long enough to cover all of that since it had 24 episodes, and that might even be why nobody finished working on this. The Tick! Tack! - Never Say Goodbye is a side story here, but is listed as a sequel on MAL, so I suppose that might be something not covered in the adaptation, and all of its chapters are here.
I remember watching the anime before. Does the manga go far beyond it?