I Will Definitely Confess Today!
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  • Oneul-eun Kkog Gobaeghal Geoya!
  • 오늘은 꼭 고백할 거야!
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Born from a korean father and a filipino mother, Dan Kim has always been bullied for his looks until the arrival of his little savior, Chaeeun Han. The two became close friends and as time passed, Dan slowly developed feelings for Chaeeun. Sadly, the two parted ways in middle school and has not been in contact for 2 years.

Now in college, Dan is determined to tell Chaeeun how he feels but with a growing competition for Chaeeun's affection, will he be able to succeed?
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@mukade yes, i totally agree. everyone is saying it's generic when it's actually not. the plot? maybe but the concept? definitely unique.
@cosmicity Some people give a 1-star rating after reading a single chapter. That's why I don't even bother looking at the ratings.
I also don't see how this is perceived as too generic. First of all, it's rare to see a shoujo from the ML's POV. Second, I honestly don't remember ever seeing a manhwa or manga where the ML is bullied because of his race before. Plus, the FL is pretty unusual as well, it's really rare to see such a seemingly aloof female lead.
The FL is turning me off but i looks like a decent read and plus the MC is cute. Keeping this on my radar
looks interesting! 😄
ngl the comments and rating bummed me out at first but after looking at the raws and reading it myself it's actually pretty interesting. the characters are great and it's really rare to see a mc that's dark skinned or mixed in any webtoon or manga. i'm glad my fellow filipinos are getting the spotlight they deserve. honestly, this is a breath of fresh air from all the isekai webtoon and manga i've been reading.
I'll read this!! Looks interesting! Not really going to comment on how they portray other nationalities..I mean it's not a common manga to see a Korean artist to write an MC that's half Korean and half another Asian nationality that is not Japanese or Chinese.

Just my opinion though story wise it's common but still interesting. I want to see how the author will deal with the biracial traits of the MC. I just hope they will tackle on it as well!!

And can he speak other languages since his mother is of another nationality? Just curious though!
Well, after looking some raw chapters, this seems really generic ngl. The MC seems good but i don't really like the female lead.
I was going to follow this, but I looked at the raws and it's just your generic, typical clichéd storytelling with all the usual annoying tropes that we've seen over and over and over again. I'm certainly not interested in seeing the male lead suffer a broken heart for a couple hundred chapters.
Looks nice! I really dig the character design, let's see where this goes!
looks nice but seems quite generic. art is decent though. there's only been one chapter so there's still a chance for something great.
seems like a cute start. Looking forward to reading more.