Slow Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Kaze no Sukima
  • Slow (ICHIKAWA Kei)
  • Slow Days
  • Slow Starter (ICHIKAWA Kei)
  • Toritome no Nai Koi no Shi
  • スロースターター (ICHIKAWA Kei)
  • スロウデイズ
  • 慢热者
  • 清×伊野爱情系列
  • 7.72
  • 7.52
  • 27
Pub. status:
  • 5,147
  • 227
  • 14
In the Slow series:

V.1 - Slow Starter
It's a story about two boys, Kiyo and Ino, who go to different schools but take the same train every morning. As time passes by they become aware of each other but never engage in conversation until one day when Kiyo oversleeps in the train and is awoken by Ino. From that point on they begin talking to each other and eventually become good friends...

V.2 - Slow Days
1.) Slow Days
2.) Start Line
3.) Hanashi wo Shinagawa
4.) Stargazer
5.) Toritome no Nai Koi no Shi
What would happen if one day a gaping hole suddenly opened in your chest? The night before this unusual event, your best friend throughout middle school, high school, and college tells you “I’m actually married.”!
6.) Kaze no Sukima
7.) Ano Hakoniwa (That miniature garden) (あの箱庭)
8.) Kawaikunai wa seigi! (かわいくないは正義!)
Afterword: Tokiniha mukashi no hanashi wo (時には昔のはなしを)
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  • Volume 0/2
  • Chapter 0/8