Evil Knight
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  • Aghan Gisa
  • Caballero malvado
  • 악한 기사
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Born as the eldest daughter, she was raised and educated only to become Queen. Even though she had excellent fencing skills, she was not allowed to wield a sword. Nevertheless, she was happy. As Queen of the Kingdom of Mont, she was able to stay with her beloved King. But her happiness did not last long. The king betrayed her and condemned her. When she opened her eyes again, she found herself on the witch hunting ground outside the castle! People are calling her a witch and are trying to kill her. What is even going on?
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Clichés after clichés, too many plot holes and unnecessary scenes. Im out.
This started out interesting but somehow took a poor turn. I dunno who the directs the art panels but they're not telling the story properly. Turn face.. somehow the guy was kicked... hand moved.. apparently poisonous darts have attacked the character... like what. It's annoying. What is going on. I can't believe how fast this went from a good manhwa to how many chances do I keep giving this.
I agree with most of the reviews!

It had potential, but later the storyline quality dropped till you feel like 'there is a big hole in the story and i don't know what it is 😅 (my case tbh)

The art is okay
But the story is so bland
You can try to read it, but don't hope too much

I hope the author will gain more experience so she/he will produce a better manhwa
Sadly the FL does nothing even in the raws. This had so much potential it is sad to see how the plot dropped in quality fast. Like some others mentioned first few chapters were good. After a while no bad guy (not a single one) is punished how they should be. They just become comic relief even though they did terrible deeds. All fights scenes become unsatisfying. And FL doesn't act like a knight nor evil. The tittle is very misleading. There are 32 chapters and one would expect to see something related to the description promised. I will drop this manhwa since it dropped quality fast. You can see more animals fighting than humans.
The first few chapters were good at setting up the premise and setting and then everything after that does a complete 180, the MC is pathetic, the story makes no sense compounded with stiff art. You can skip whole chapters and find out that absolutely nothing changed because the story skips important context to skip straight into the next plot point rendering all build up pointless and then there are entire chapters spent on silent single movement flowery dream panels that makes DBZ screaming plot progression seem like it's going too fast.
ML is Disney Princess confirmed
I really like the concept and I like how ML has disney princess powers. However, it is incredibly slow and really poorly written lol the first joke caught me off guard as well, because everything was so very serious and then suddenly there's comedy.

I wish it was written better because the concept has potential. Hoping it becomes better with time once we advance from this arc.
Omg.. This is really confusing and badly written. It seems all over the place. I gonna put this onhold..donno
Maybe after a few chapters, i ll come back .
This is bad
Very poorly written, don't read it
Glad I’m not the only one confused and disappointed. The couple first chapter was pretty good but it was lost in space now.
Honestly, leo needs to find another guy. Her lover is kind of stupid. He trust a stranger's words without doubt and once problem arise all he can do is mope around, and do more stupid thigs... (Sigh)
simple plot. Man's a disney princess. I want the FL to go off and kill a bunch of people already.
I can't speak for anyone else but I dropped this because the story themes are too disjointed to keep me interested. This is a Disney story with a little serial rape and snuff thrown in for ????

It's bad but not bad enough to be good. Maybe if they put in a pantless shota escape from the child slaver boat with the help of the mermaids, and then the bad guys capture them and get stymied because... dude how do you rape a fish? I can't figure it out, where do I put my... until the FL and ML arrive with the wharf rats and kittens to save everyone. I might read that. I may put this on hold and see if a chapter gets to that point . You never know.

So... if that sounds like pure awesome to you then you're welcome. I hope you thoroughly enjoy this.
Why the heck rating so low! This is a good series forget the original story I just wanna see Knox and FL BLOSSOM IN LOVE PLUS THE BROMANCE HERE IS NICE AND SUPPORTIVE. I rate this 10/10
16 chapters and I still have no idea what the fuck is going on. The pacing is too slow. So many pointless panels.
Jesus christ this like went downhill like the moment the male lead shows up. LIke its setting up a revenge story but everytime the plot is crying for the MC to hurry up she ends up fucking around with the male lead for panels on end for no fucking reason beyond gotta include some forced romance scenes with the Male lead amirght?
the MC is being portrayed as this overpowered genius with the blade but she allows herself to be pushed around whenever the plot dictates so.
like wow my friend is being held in a castle by a comically evil rapist noble and they want to kidnap her child and me. Instead of fighting back she fucks off and ends up flirting with the male lead for several chapters. What the fuck?
whats worse is prob just the slog ass pace everything tone deafly continues. like my friend is going to get raped and killed and MC is here fucking around with Disney princess male lead stroking some animals or some shit.

IMO this is actually worse chinese manhua. At least with those they know that they have shit art and shit plots and stereo typically comically evil sub villains are quickly dealt with to focus on the next stereotypical comically evil sub villian. Arts pretty much at the same level too.
Has potential, the beginning was so intriguing so Im definitely gonna read more chapters.

However, the other comments about the action scenes are true. The way the action scenes are drawn is only a level higher than Chinese manhuas (which are horrendous lol). As for the pacing, after the heroine met the male lead, sooooo many things happened and the story is now so packed with so many characters, we're almost forgetting what actually happened to her as queen and her revenge. It's like a completely different plot now lol

Still gonna read more chapters

Edit: After Chapter 18, I've dropped this. The story went downhill fast, I couldn't stand it anymore. It's basically like reading a low level Chinese manhua. Aaaaand the art sucks.
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I don't really agree. The art is pretty cool (although very dark). The humor in it is hard to tell yet if the story is good. I think the rating is unfair...
Just how many times will Leo's boyfriend get tricked lmao
I wanna like this series, the premise seems so different and cool!! But the story telling and story board layout is a bit of mess.... I hope webtoon artist will get better with experience in those regards as the series progresses.