My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending
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  • Death Flags
  • Ore no Shibou Flag ga Todomaru Tokoro wo Shiranai
  • Orefura
  • 不知我的死亡flag将于何处停止
  • 俺の死亡フラグが留まるところを知らない
  • 俺フラ
  • 내 사망플래그가 그칠 줄 모른다
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  • 8.78
  • 2,313
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  • 1,028,675
  • 44,727
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When he came to his senses, Hirasawa Kazuki, a normal university student, found himself in possession of the body of a game’s character.

Moreover, it was Harold Stokes, the story’s most hated character who was even given the title 『King of tr*sh』by the players. Myriads of landmines are just waiting for him to step on them, like death flags!

Will Harold be able to clear the survival route while avoiding the countless death flags in his way?!

Based on the 3rd Narou Con (Net Novel Award) Grand Prize-winning novel of the same name, this manga releases fortnightly on


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My only complaint with this manga is that the chapters are a little on the short side. Otherwise it’s a good read
@young_speccy it's not on hold, the release schedule has been like that since book 5. A chapter every few months.
Is the novel on hold or something, its been a couple months since it got a chapter and it ending in the middle of an arc. super good so i dont want it to end
@S_zk if you mean the Twitter Extra, yeah the mangaka posted some time-lapse of some panels and illustrations on his Twitter. And some manga (e.g. OPM) and webtoons do have animated pages sometimes (even music and SFX for webtoons!), and MangaDex do support animated Gifs 🥳
ch. 19 is downhill for me

nonsense spy plot

some ppl said rude erica is annoying but sudden determination erica is cringe
wait a sec, did I see some legit animated page here?
first time seeing it

As of manga chapter 20, WN chapter 19. You can see my comment for more info (and links). Look in the chapter comments next time, it’s been asked and answered many times there.
Anyone know which chapter of the web novel this is? Ill probably read the web novel to
@readerotaku123321 Once again, it’s fortnightly/biweekly (every two weeks), dunno why you guys keep spreading misinformation that it’s monthly without bothering to check (read the description? Or even look at the release dates)

Anyway, at least for the novel, the setting, the “misunderstandings” and the speech filter are some of the main highlights that netted the Grand Prize for the 3rd Narō Con WN contest for the series, according to the award interview.
I think it's better than the average isekai. It's mostly focused on political drama. The MC is still a bit OP since he has knowledge of the games world but it's nice to see a MC that focuses on brains rather than the usual hack and slash.
i dont know how people rate this as 8.75 its basically a compilation of cliches: the usual isekai, siscon, forced marriage, brainless characters that think they must know everything otherwise they will slap your face or even worse and shit. Since its monthly released and quite low number of pages per chapter, this is the kind of story that will take 10 years to develop. Good luck to whoever intends to bother with this.
A lesson on how dangerous a tongue can be. Not all people are as considerate as these politicians citizens will eat the info up without knowing better because there is no benefit in them knowing. Only people who are required to/or just interested in will look pass the initial intent.
this should get an anime soon, good stuff!
Finally a good chapter lol
Seriously the wait for next chapters is killing me. And when the chapter releases its only a mere 20 pages which finishes as soon as it starts. It's frustrating.
I do like this story a lot
Thank you for another awesome chapter!!!!!
@Evirac there is 'villain' if it works?
And just like that I’m back to waiting, the cycle continues
for everyone's knowledge, this series gets new raws every 2 weeks. And kireicake has stockpiled chapters before. In a nutshell, if you're planning to binge this, prepare to abandon this for like a year or so. Or second option, read the WN. there's a translated one out there. mine has like 107 chapters. smol warning, remember to take breaks if you're going the WN route. Burn out happens more quickly than reading only manga