The Twin Siblings’ New Life
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  • Kehidupan Baru Si Saudara Kembar
  • La Nueva Vida De Los Gemelos
  • 쌍둥이 남매의 뉴라이프
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“Your names will be Arjen and Arien.”

We were just like any normal twins going to high school, but then we lost our lives to a sudden accident and our second life as twins began!

And so we live inside an abandoned palace along with an abusive mother and a cold-hearted emperor as a father.

But on our 5th birthday... The king suddenly wanted to see his children.

"Why so suddenly?"

We can only trust ourselves!

Initiate the twins' Project Survive the Palace!

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    It's honestly hard to keep reading when you go from the beginning where the twins are righteously angry at their abuse and neglect to the father just getting a free pass on being a neglectful piece of shit. While the mother physically abused them he was complicit in it and also heaped on the emotional abuse through neglect. I mean, fuck me, not even the maids who abused the kids get punished. What about the one who threw a vase at a fucking three year old and scarred him for life (only because he has a healing factor otherwise he'd be dead)? The fact they have memories of their previous lives makes it even more fucking unbelievable.

    It's also repugnant how the power dynamic is entirely on the familys side, they literally just tell them "Oh well wasnt interested in you before but now that I am your condition matters" and they expect the twins to be touched by it? Come on. They even underscore it with "Oh so you guys managed to survive?"
    When I first read the synopsis I was thinking that maybe someone finally tread into the territory of one person reborn as twins, controlling two bodies at once (which would be extremely hard to make consistent but also very new and interesting)...
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    @Dudelmax Ikr exactly how i feel. Like i thought, they seem to be forgiving them for ignoring them for 5 yrs without any confrontation. Honestly that’s so disappointing, I wanted them to express their hurt to them but ofc, authors have the characters stay silent in shoujo. This made me drop the rating to 5, it became average. That was the only reason why i was interested in this, now it’s not interesting. I felt nothing by the protagonists. This definitely made me disappointed “do they rlly consider us *happy eyes*” Like does that still even MATTER?! They legit didn’t bother checking on u for 5 yrs—they making me seem like i’m being dramatic lol.
    That guardian wolf of theirs is rather useless...
    I just want them to confront the king and the siblings and ask why they’re so doting now and not do anything when they were with their mom. I hate when authors don’t have their characters ask basic questions.
    It seems that you guys are gonna have to grow up and get stronger as you grow in order to protect yourself and not rely on others
    The plot is shifting>_< I’m so happy for the update <3
    I want them to unite with their guardian
    Well at least they are cared for now...
    It feels a bit slow, but overall, the story remains interesting
    Was really hoping we would skip the "established adult inside a child's body takes some time to drool over a hot 10yo" trope but alas.

    Still liking it a lot but gosh does brain-age get forgotten so quickly in reincarnation stories.
    I don't understand why this keeps getting changed to Long Strip (native), it's a regular, single-paged manhwa, please Mangadex 😭
    I hope someone decides to translate the webnovel
    @cinnamoncookie I mean, you're entitled to your opinion. I still don't think he knew it was happening, after all, the maids and the mom abused them, so they probably made up some shitty story saying the kids were fine. He isn't unable to express his feelings because he doesn't have any. It's a fantasy world, character personalities are wacky and some things are unexplainable, like why the hell is the mom so obsessed anyways. I understand what you mean, but i still stand with my thought on it. To the kids and readers, it's unforgivable how they didn't show attention to the kids. The author tries to make it seem better by giving the kids a higher mental age, so it doesn't have as much of an affect it would on younger children. It's just the plot. I'm betting the kids will start trusting the wrong people and shunning the royal family. Then when they get betrayed they'll understand why they got no attention. I said the reason for them getting treated like that was because the mom probably wasn't getting the kings attention, since she's obsessed. If she hadn't died, they would've probably been left them them till they came of age. It's all up to the author anyway¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
    @MissAlexxis I understand what you are saying, however, that is not an excuse. There are no excuses to dismiss his neglection. Now we both know he and the siblings could have easily checked on the children secretly; such as, remember when one of the siblings finally decided to check on the children? He changed his identity/appearance. Anyways, the emperor and the siblings would have to work extremely hard to be forgiven, much less be viewed as a family.
    @cinnamoncookie Agreed. I wouldn’t call him a horrible person bcuz he had good intentions and it was understandable, However, his decision was very wrong. So yeah, it’s going to be hard for him and the siblings to make up for this. It would be great if the two protagonists could express their hurt even more.
    @MissAlexxis and what's the reason for them both getting treated like that? Oh right because he decided to fuck a girl without pulling out. Now he decides to step up and be a dad. It's no excuses for him to not be able to show his emotional. He clearly is dumb. I'm sure he knew what's going on with everything that happens in his own place. He is a horrible person and is just now trying to make up for it. Anyway I don't care. I just think what I think. That just my opinion. You really don't have to think the same as me. After all it's people that think being unable to express your feelings is an excuse to be unable to understand basic human knowledge 😁
    @CardiBslays @Cinnamoncookie but if he sent someone to check on them wouldn't that reveal he cares? There are probably spies in the palace. Maybe he figured that because he didn't have a strong relationship with the mom she would take care of her kids and not care. He probably didn't know how obsessed she was. That's the main reason she abused them anyways. she blamed it on them. They author signified his care for them by saying how he named them himself. He seems pretty emotionless, so he probably thought that showed his love for them. In his eyes, he was protecting them from the schemes of the palace, he obviously didn't know about the abuse. Look at them now. They're bout to be tricked immediately by someone who obviously doesn't approve of them.
    @MissAlexxis I actually read each chapter. What I said wasn't harsh. The fact that he knew what type of woman their mom was and allowed her to keep them was a big mistake on his part. The fact that they were abused by servants was also his fault. They knew that they existed. But they choose to ignore them. Now that they are in the palace he thinks being a little nice is gonna make up for it. The protagonist also don't show as much hate as you would to someone who could have saved you from such a traumatic experience. He could have easily sent someone to check on them. Even if they are bastards. He is the one that help bring them into the world. But instead he ignored them