Kyuuketsuki to Yobaretai!
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  • I Want to Be Called a Vampire!
  • 吸血鬼と呼ばれたい!
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Aoi wants to go to the same school as her childhood friend Yuuna so she transfers to Vlad Academy, but everyone except Aoi is actually a vampire!?
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why do they always drop the good ones 💀
theres a lot if raws but it seems the translator dropped this
when's the next update?
Ya guys still doing it?
Hmmm I'll bite
Ch5 is out pls tl pls pls
Thanks for translateing this
I don’t always say this, but Legit, Aoi is precious. Thanks for the Double updates SS!
yay: good job translators, the scanlations have caught up!

boooo: now we have to wait a lot between releases 😅
This kinda reminded me of rosario vampire so...and yesssss I'm up for a new yuri vampire series,so let's see how this will go*_*.

I just hope she won't turn out into a blood bag of all those vampires and being pushed everytime like what happened in diabolic lovers.

Thank you soooo much for the translations!❤😇
Another clash of titans 😂😂
Tmbh chapternya lg kang >_<
What the hell happened here
Vampire yuri? My interest has been piqued.
Woah what's with these mass upload

Hope it'll get fixed soon coz I'm interested
>Vampire yuri

I demand an English release.
I don't know if it legal or not, but I'm native Indonesian, and this is the translation (sorry if I make mistake):
Ch1. Transfer student
Page 1
"Transfer student"
(I don't know what profession "Alih Bahasa" is)
"Editor: Phos"

Page 2
"Did you know? They said there is a new" student.
"Of course I know."
"Rumour are she is from an elite/rich family."
"I heard her hair is black"
"Maybe her eye is also black"(idk what pekat in English)
"Should we throw a welcoming party for her"
"I wonder how the person..."

Page 3
Top left* "We will show the vampire secret park(or garden?)"

Page 4
"I'm here"

Page 5
- No need

Page 6
"Yuu chan" "Aoi !!"
"Feels like half a year we haven't met"
"Yes, I'm so happy, I miss you"
"How are you?"(or are you fine/okay?)something along those lines)
"I'm also fine"

Page 7
"Why are you here?"
"I want to be in the same school as Yuu-chan..."(or something along those lines)
"..that's why I'm here"
"Why you came to this school?"

Page 8
"So that's transfer student is you Aoi?"
"? Yes"
"Sorry I didn't tell you.. am I not allowed in this school?"
"It's not that... It's just..."
"Aoi, listen carefully"

Page 9
"This place..."
"Is not for..."
"Yuuna San!"
"We will start the welcoming party for the transfer student in our room... If you are finish head over to our room, okay?"
"We will wait"

Page 10
"Wow they are so nice"
"Aoi this necklace"
"I give it to you okay?"
"This necklace is your precious thing, right?"
"Don't you take it off okay?"
"Let's go"

Page 11
"This is the classroom"
"Very awesome"(or very cool)
"Come here.. dining room is right here"

Page 12
"Awesome... Very very cool... Elite(or expensive) School is awesome"
"Aoi is very enthusiastic.. don't get lost okay?"
"Why?"(in that situation it's probably"what?")
"Turns out in school is like this too..."
"I can spend time with Yuu chan again..."

Page 13
"That's what make me happy"
"You are right"
"I also feels that way"

Page 14
"Transfer student"
"Welcome in Vlad Gakuen"
"We are very happy to celebrate this welcoming party! ... With the welcome of our new sister(or friend?)"
"Let's (I don't know what bersulang is but it's the same as "cheers" when you drink a beer with your buddy(I guess?)) By drinking this fresh blood"

Page 16
"Because... This place(or this school)..."
"Is for vampire"

Page 1
"Sorry I didnt know"
(I don't know what profession "Alih Bahasa" is)
"Editor: Phos"

Page 2
"About our relationship?"
"You(or you guys) wanna know?"
"Chapter 2 "Sorry I didn't know"

Page 3
"Welcome to(or in) Vlad Gakuen"
"Let's (again I don't know "bersulang") by drinking this fresh blood until full"
"Aoi don't let them know that you are a human"
"Because this school is for vampire"

Page 4
"Hey you two(or you guys(gals)) sit down(or let's sit together?)"
"This is for you drink it okay?"

Page 5
"What kind of drink is this?"
"Aoi San"
"From now on let's become Friend"(or something along those lines"
"Your black hair is beautiful(or pretty)"
"Where do you come from?"
"Wow her eyes is also black, very very awesome"
"Ey, show it to us too"

Page 6
"You really catching all attention aren't you"(or something along those lines)
"Transfer student"

Page 7
"Wow very smelly"(good smell don't know what they called in English)
"My name is Jeane and i'm the leader of this school dormitory"

Page 8
"My name is Aoi, Nice to meet you"
"It's a pleasure to meet you too.. you are yuuna-san friend right?(or you are friend with yuuna-san)"
"Is that so?"
"Yuuna-san, I'm confused..."
"Why is the smell a little different in here?"

Page 9
"Yuu chan always smelly(good smell)"
"I'm sorry..."
"It's seems like she is very tired, we are heading back (to our room) to rest, see you later(or until then)"

Page 10
"I'm sorry, you must've been shocked when they said this school are for vampires"(or something along those lines)
"I also can't believe that this will happen"
"But.. I want you to know..."

Page 11
"That I'm actually... I'm..."
"I'm sure people change as time went by"
"I can't believe that there is a lot of beautiful girl in this place."
"I'm very very nervous..."

Page 12
"So the drink they gave me is a blood? So vampire really drink blood huh"
"Eh?... That's... Aoi..."
"So you believe me?"
"Of course, I never doubted you, Yuu chan"

Page 13
"This whole time... You were like them Yuu chan?"
"Correct..."(or right or yes)
"Why I never know this!!!"
"It's looks like i don't know anything about you Yuu chan!!!"

Page 14
"I'm sorry this whole time I didn't know"
"Hiding all of it.. from me must be a pain"

Page 15
"From now on I will always be on your side... Let's ("berusaha" in this case is fight but not "fight" fight more like fight struggle ex. "Fighting cancer together") Together"
"Eh? Why... Don't cry"
"Sorry did I say something weird? Yuu chan"
"... Right?"
"Right! I also heard that"

Page 16
"Yuuna chan & that girl are old friend"
"Is that so? They look really close"(not close as identical but close as close friend)
"They said they were chilhood friend"
"Childhood friend?"
"What is it with Yuuna-chan & Aoi-chan"

Page 17
"That transfer student is so suspicious"
Gonna follow and wait