Medaka Box
Alt name(s):
  • Medaka Kutusu
  • Ящик Медаки
  • めだかボックス
  • めだか箱
  • 最強學生會長
  • 最强会长黑神
  • 8.24
  • 8.29
  • 388
Pub. status:
  • 82,798
  • 4,638
  • 445
Kurokami Medaka, a first year, is elected as Student Council President, and the first thing she does is establish a suggestion box. Since she was just elected as Student Council President, she's holding all the Student Council's responsibilities, and wearing their armbands. So, she asks her childhood friend Hitoyoshi Zenkichi, for help.
    Reading progress:
    • Volume 0/22
    • Chapter 0/192.5

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    Dropped after reading a few of the early chapters, because it felt so generic. But ended up picking it up again because of a certain page, and I'm so damn glad I did. One of the best in its genre. As expected from the author, I guess.
    very gud
    This is the kind of ending that makes me wish more mangas/animes... Ended. I almost called it quits midway through, yaknow 'stop while it's good', but I'm glad I stuck around for that ending.
    Honestly, despite the fact that it feels like this series lost where it was going halfway through - and decided to go batshit insane-, and that many of the powers/skills didn't translate to english very easily, I still love the crap out of this manga. It was a ride from start to finish.
    Got to say, they built up a Mary Sue and makes a Story about her in a clever way to avoid it being too bored. They gave enough room to cover every single main characters while exploring all the questions. Got to say it end in a fashion as it was going. If i have to compare this to Bleach, only the first half of Bleach is as good as Medaka Box the last half went downhill pretty terrible.
    This manga is seriously underappreciated. The surreal spiral into madness from a relatively sane beginning is such a wild ride that I can't help but enjoy any given turn, plus it's got those heartwarming nuggets of true friendship throughout.
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    Thanks NisiOisiN for being eccentric as usual.
    Thanks Akatsuki Akira for great drawings.
    Thanks CXC Scans for scanlating this.
    Why do I have to read romcom in the middle of a powerlevel action manga? Wild/10 would read again.
    The premise is good, the story is well-rounded, and it has an ending everyone can be content with. There's at least ONE arc that feels unnecessary / like a let down / badly written, but that may differ for other readers. All the characters feel genuine and uniquely-written. I personally wish we would have seen more of Yunomae though.

    Would recommend. Personally am sad it ended but all good things come to an end.
    I feel like this manga is genius in some ways and some characters are excellent, but in others is a kind of disappointment.

    Thanks for the good stuff though. Kumagawa is one of the best ever fictional characters.