Until the End
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Saimai, a lovely idol who is loved by everyone, lived a happy life as usual, until something happens and everything is taken away from her. When she is not the one at fault, why is her life, as the victim, destroyed…?!
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@Yuuri You're welcome. I just honestly got so annoyed at MarloLapiz's comment (because the person who I mentioned that was raped is a dear person to me and I find it highly offensive when people make light of the subject), but I didn't want to go on a childish rant as that would make me seem just as bad as what they said. So I had to take my time to explain why they're comment was inappropriate. I'm glad you liked my comment.

I do hope you try this web comic out. If you've read the other comments you know that it has gotten an award for it's work. While that maybe because of the country it comes from, from what I've read already it deserves the reward no matter the country.

Like I said in my previous comment I like how real it is making the consequences of rape for not just the victim, but those around her. Things like victim blaming, perpetrator stereotyping, rape confession, the psychological trauma of rape, etc are being brought to the forefront in a respectful and very realistic way.

+1 although I haven't read the comic yet (I clicked to see what people were saying about it first), I connected to what you wrote, especially about the social pressures to stay quiet and the sociological aspect too. Thank you for writing your comment so well.
@MarloLapiz Look I'm going to be serious here. If you have never been raped (and I'm guessing on that here) you can't know what the victim is going through. I personally haven't but someone close to me has. It has screwed them up big time and it is decades after the fact and they are STILL dealing with it. It is not something you can easily talk about. There are several medical conditions related to the consequences of rape that make it hard. Not to mention the sociological aspect.

The FL definitely has PTSD which can make it really hard to talk about it because two of the symptoms are depression and anxiety (and since I suffer from both I can tell you first hand those are neither easy to deal with. I sometimes wake up feeling like the world is out to get me or so very sad and tired I want nothing more than to curl into a ball and sleep forever). She's being threatened of having the videos of her rape exposed to the media which is causing her major stress, which is increasing her anxiety, which in turn makes her paranoid of everything and everyone. This is compounded with the fact that her rapist is close to her everyday.

On the sociological aspect, rape is over half of the time followed by victim blaming on some level. It shouldn't be, but it is. I mean did you even read the comments the FL read when she went to the comment section on the article about the office lady who was raped? Most of them were shaming and blaming the victim and making jokes on how she probably liked it and they would do her too. She also has the expectations of her parents to be a "good girl" and to her good girls do not cause trouble, they do not get into trouble, they can't be raped. So it makes it really hard for her to confess to people who, really, have never been there for her that she has been raped.

Rape is not something to be taken lightly; which is why I am loving the comic. It's taking the consequences of rape on the victim and making it real. It's showing not just the psychological but the sociological actions that happen because someone has been raped. It's also showing the world view on rape and how that world view can affect the victim.
Ugghh no.. Not my taste it is good but I'm not in the mood for this... Maybe later. Bookmarked
Just very beautiful.
not manga, 1 star
I am just writing this as a context- the reason why this webtoon is award winning is probably because of the fact that the place where the author comes from has a lot of rape cases and the government isn’t doing anything to protect and help woman. And suprisingly enough I think it deals with the problem quite realistically and maturely . It isnt that easy to just come forward to your parents about being raped, and there is a lot of gaslighting and victim blaming as well. So happy that this webtoon is treating this subject maturely and realistically.
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@dante7555 try "Liv" by Kariki Hajime is another award winning but more sad
tempting art but does it have romance?
@Madmac for real? actually my heart cant take it but I still keep reading it cuz Im curious about the ending lol
Been a while reading this kind of work!
@dante7555 This comic came from Line Webtoon so it's probably one of those award given to popular comic on its platform
If anyone wants to know how it ends

So, "tragedy" here is for purpose. And that's why i feel anger.
@dante7555 exactly
I don't like this Story!! It's making me angry.. why woman so obedient! just tell your mom that you got raped
It's just making his life worse.. really hate when woman get raped with no scene.. make one scenes and upload it on nhentai..
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Is this really “Award Winning”? It doesn’t match up quality wise, looks pretty average at best. Just saw this after reading “The Fable” and “Shuumatsu no Valkyrie” both also “Award Winning”. I didn’t expect much but I’m very surprised this was considered “Award Wining”, is it one of those pity awards like the ones Americans give out to movies about racism?
Where are the righteous sects when we need them, when demonic cultivators are everywhere terrorizing the masses they are all busy with their vows of asceticism to save us mortals. Since we are not with the destiny to go against heaven, are we to just beg for our lives, relying on it's mercy, fearing our day to day, waiting for the one thing that disrupts it and changes us? Those who were bestowed power became drunk, not knowing that it is not a right but rather a privilege.

Fellow brothers and sisters, we mortals must not rely on heaven, nor those self-proclaimed orthodox groups. Even without their help, we are forced to fight. Forced to fight against the various injustices this world, and its lords that the mandate of heavens no longer recognize as such. We, though powerless, will resist against those who refuse us! Come let us all converge together and fight as one, ridding injustice, trampling heaven, and standing above everything to the point where everything is no more!

Edit: uh, btw if anyone has the ending... Pls spoil me hahaha
@Anonop1 Doesn't help that pretty much everyone seems to wear a black button up shirt.
Damn I can't trust anyone appearing in this story, since I get suspicious of them immediately...