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  • Login Murim
  • ログイン武林
  • 로그인 무림
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Large numbers of monsters come out the gate which is the boundary of the world. After many sacrifices, People won the fight against monsters through their awakening. Jin Taekyung is alive as an 'F class hunter' which is the lowest level. After Jin has a hard time, he gets an old capsule then he goes into the capsule that is the martial heroes' world. And the game system gives him special abilities, he starts growing up to become the best martial hero.

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    @Lukaskyboss Who cares about "anime of the year"?

    And no, you're cringey as heck.
    @Sareg How is enjoying a story related to it being good ? I read quite of a lot it and felt satisfied but can't you just admit that it's trash ? If you really have to rate it high to prove it is good, I feel sad for you. Makes me feel of solo leveling fanboys or tate no trash yuusha rating their work 10/10 and bash other anime/manga which are way better like Vinland Saga got who dethroned on anime of the year because fanboys swarmed the pages and put 0/10 : That's textbook cringelord, not me ^^.

    (I've read SL in full from the novel and read the manhwa, it's utter trash but the manhwa feels way better to read than the worst writing you've ever seen on the korean novel, light novels are usually trash and amateurish but this was next level, I just read it in full to spot all the mistakes and to see how bad the story would become, finished fast as sentences were mainly of the level of a 5 year-old.
    pretty good, I hope we see the story to its end and it doesnt get dropped
    Enjoying it so far, 50+ chapters in. Good blend of comedy and action.
    @GoddamnWeebs no I was serious, I like this one
    finally found it.
    Last edited 18 days ago by Xtreme342.
    real world in this is pretty boring tbh, murim is much more interesting
    anyone else want to cave in the little girls skull?
    @MetalWings it's hard to discern sarcasm from being serious when written so could you clarify that you're being sarcastic please?
    Man, this is a funny one. Always nice to find some inspired manga instead of the usual ones.😄
    MC could really use stat points in the int department.
    @xTachibana The manual? It literally stated, "can not voluntarily logout". Being rewarded with a logout doesn't mean that rule is now null and void, as you'll remember he didn't get a choice on logging out once he completed the quest. That means he will have to complete another quest with the logout reward, or some other method because the rule that he can't logout voluntarily still stands.
    @lesurous I see literally nothing in the 49 chapters that implies his quest reward logout is one time use.... Feel free to point me to where you pulled that out from though.
    @xTachibana No, he can't. The way it's set up, it'd be just like last time, where he has to actually find a way to get rewarded with logging out.
    Need some similar manga, anyone could advice me some?
    This MC is legitimately braindead

    Just fucking go back to Murim, you can logout whenever you want already jesus fucking christ
    This is the best manhwa i've ever read. This is even better than Solo Leveling.
    @krutou As far as storytelling goes, Solo Leveling is a bit overrated. It's not bad, but certainly not worth the hype people give it.

    The art is what gives it a higher rating in people's eyes.
    Does that ear-blowing count as yaoi? XD