I Became the Villain's Mother
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  • Akdangui Eommaga Doeeobeoryeotda
  • I Became the Mother of the Villain
  • 악당의 엄마가 되어버렸다
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I became the mother of 'Ainspanner,' who was presumed to be the final mastermind of this novel. I was supposed to be a bad stepmother who abused him when he was a child and eventually became the first to be killed by him when he became an adult. I was thinking of a plan to escape my tragic fate when I saw the young future villain and the naive, innocent look on his face. However…

"What an adorable child! He’s so cute I want to bite him! How could anyone abuse him?"

He was so cute that I couldn’t believe he would become a villain when he grew up. So, I decided. I will protect him. This way, he’ll save me too when he’s all grown up.
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@Yarramie I agree; just meant it from a storytelling perspective, like how the story is structured. There are chapters where, rather than focusing on the plot, it's just them having dinner, the MC thinking about a few things, then a smidge of plot moving forward, if we're lucky.
quq I love it
I'm reading both translations because I want to support both of them (: Thank you for your hard work!
Why is there 2 translation in english???
Hey! Something just pop out of my mind!
What if this manhwa is reverse? Instead of her being evil step mother previously and been transmigrated by a nice woman, how about a nice likeable step mother transmigrated by a evil greedy woman from the modern world?

O well, that idea seems short lived in my head... The ending will be the woman will die or she will change because the people who loved her previously will believe her that she will change.

I can understand that this seems to be taking a while to progress the story but i think they are being realistic. If you were a woman suddenly put into that situation, befriending the kid will be easy but having to get close to a husband who is an evil villian will be hard especially when you aren't that close.
Art, story and everything else involved with this is a huge nothing burger
Other than the drama that seems to be going on between the two scanlation teams (guys, seriously, there are other works out there. Is this really worth the trouble?), by chapter 28, what was a simple but endearing plot has slowed down to a crawl. By this point, I feel like more should have happened, and all we've seen is some development between the kid and the MC.

The relationship with the husband also feels like it could've been sped up, and instead we see a minimal development that stretchs out endlessly across these chapters without ever reaching a meaningful conclusion.

As an aside, I also find the husband's character extremely unlikeable. Like he only comes across as selfish and childish. I know we're going to get the usual shluck about how his childhood was ~terrible~ and that's why he is the way he is, but so far, he hasn't really shown any redeeming qualities whatsoever. His attempts at being nice only stem from the selfish desire to have her go "uwu~" over him, so it doesn't really count.
Idc who updates or who has a more valid reason and whatever drama is going on. Can we just have 1 update? Keep getting all these double chapters which is annoying.
Drama aside, can just 1 scanlation team scan and translate the series? Because these double updates are really bringing in false hope of a fast update :') thx
Hello, you're welcome to say your own opinion, if that's what you think go ahead. However, if you're not part of Word Excerpt don't assume our agenda.
1) We only stated that because of the DMCA LAF received. Concerned that we would receive one too, our boss took the initiative to contact the publisher. However, we received confirmation that a DMCA was never sent out by the publisher, hence we had no reason to drop it.
2) We picked it up again, before the other group, so to say we only started because someone else continued the translation is your biased assumption.
3) Word Excerpt's senior staff is also head at the former group who translated it. We are very close, so to again assume you know what happens behind the scenes, seems biased of you.
If you're not privy to the details, don't spread rumours.
Thanks ^^
Word Except said before that they won't continue the translation anymore. But because someone continued the translation, they're yet again competing with it.
When you get a notification of a new chapter buuuuut.... Nope, just a double post 😭
Good grief, NRBL are a buncha machines. Good job catching up.
Thank you so much for your hard work! I really enjoyed reading it!
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their relationship is too foggy, how could this FL survive?
There's some serious oedipus complex vibe on this...
I really like the idea behind this, but the execution is terrible. Slow and repetitive with the blandest art I ever see in a Manhwa. Could have been wholesome and cute, come across like heavy and uninteresting. Really a shame, especially with how much work the translation team has put into it.
Story is nice but the art is fairly bland.