My friend Mono
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  • Mi amigo mono
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The story centers on Mono sanchez, a high school student from the north institute, where he will suffers many funny situations. In this web comic through history, the genres are changing.
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Una maravilla de la edad contemporanea
I had mono once. Was a cool guy and didn't afraid of anything
Muchísimas gracias por leer y también por los comentarios positivos, estoy trabajando en el próximo capítulo que saldrá el martes.
Gracias por leer!
debo reconocer que es una hermosa obra casera. tu esfuerzo valdrá la pena en unos años muy cercanos y espero estar ahí para leer la bella historia que creaste. muy buen manga, espero que pronto este en las pantallas de la tv para disfrutarlo con toda la familia. desde ya saludos cordiales.
Kex Maravilloso manga, esta de nazi, espero una segunda parte y por ultimo quiero resaltar tu maravillosa ortografía y la manera en que se desenvuelve la historia me gustaría que en la próxima se muera Camila gracias por leer un saludo
nananananannana iiidddoooooooooo breeeeeoooooooooooo adolf einstein
I love this. Please create more.
Me encanta esto. Por favor crea más.
This delves deep into the inner workings of the human soul. It is quite possibly one of the only deconstructionist pieces Post-Modernism has to offer that is worthwhile to read. You can clearly see the dedication put into developing the main character's view point, which influences all aspects of the world. It plays on Japanese tropes with an elegant prose.
Mono views his friends in a deeper way, idolizing them in their respective genders. Camila is elegance and beauty, perfection in every way. Her small mannerisms give rise to a sense of being unobtainable, yet she remains within reach. Jorge is strength and reliability. His physical dominance is the most notable aspect of his character, yet he retains a sense of wit in times of his friend's peril.
Yet the title is "My Friend Mono", implying that the focus is around Mono from his friend's point of view.

There is certainly a lot to unpack here and I genuinely wish to see this continued. The author has a story to tell.

¡Magnífico! Hay mucho por descubrir.
Is this better than dog nigga?
I can't tell you enough how much of a master piece this manga is.
I rated 10/10. The art is exquisite, the story is great, comedic.

Fine excellent job I pissed my pants and came in my sister.
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Estoy trabajando en mas capítulos, gracias por leer.

i'm working on new chapters, thank you for reading.
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