Fire Emblem - Seisen no Keifu
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  • Fire Emblem - Genealogy of the Holy War
  • Fire Emblem 4
  • Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  • Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu
  • ファイアーエムブレム 聖戦の系譜
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  • 8.44
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  • 18,252
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This story features Lord Sigurd, the son of Lord Byron of Chalphy. Bandits from Verdane made an attack while Grannvale's armies were away, and now Sigurd rallies the remaining forces to drive the bandits out so he can save his friend, Edain... Little does he know what he leads himself into will lead into a tragic turn of events in the face of Grannvale.

Based on the Super Famicom strategy game, Fire Emblem 4.

Note: This manga has three different releases, a SC deluxe version and two MF (Media Factory) versions. There is not much difference between the versions other than different color pages and the sizes of the volumes. The HolsetyScans releases are based on the Media Factory versions and use their page numbers. HolsetyScans includes "SC Deluxe Bonus pages" that are not in the Media Factory versions in their releases every couple of chapters. For the first four volumes these are grouped separately but from Volume 5 onwards they can be found sporadically at the end of chapters.
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Hi guys!

Here's the deal for this manga: We've gotten a translator in the team who has been doing work for FE for a long time now (and has been working on the novels). We're currently at chapter 70 in translation, but it's the cleaning and redrawing of pages that's kept us held down. We do have cleaners, but if you have interest in helping clean you can message me, but otherwise we're set to go! I'll be updating the SF forum page as well as we go (we're working on it as I type this).
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This shit's rad. I'm really glad to see that it will be continued to be translated.
I'm so glad to see this series getting a revival! Keep up the good work!! 😊