Dragon Quest - Dai no Daibouken
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  • D
  • Dấu ấn Rồng Thiêng
  • Dragon Quest: Dai no Daiboken
  • Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken
  • Dragon Quest: Great Adventure of Dai
  • ได ตะลุยแดนเวทย์มนต์
  • ドラゴンクエスト ダイの大冒険
  • 8.52
  • 9.00
  • 94
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  • 30,227
  • 1,144
  • 352
"Long ago there was a brave swordsman known simply as 'the hero'. People back then had been suffering under the rule of the great demon lord.

The hero and his companions challenged the devil king and, after a great battle, emerged victorious... The demon lord had fallen!

The monsters who were under the demon's influence were freed and setled on an isolated island and, with no humans around to stir the monsters, it became a peaceful place where everyone could live together."

On a remote island on the southern seas lives Dai, a shipwrecked boy adopted by Brass, a lump wizard monster. Dai dreams of becoming a great hero but after years without human contact, one day a ship arrives to the island. This is the start of Dai's adventures...
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  • Volume 0/22
  • Chapter 0/349

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I remember watching the anime adaptation of this manga as a child and loving it. It was one of my favorites. I felt nostalgic when I saw it here. I have not read the manga before so it would be nice to relive its events thus time as a manga read and not an anime watch.
the legendary super monkey daibouken!
Pretty good Shonen series. Definitely a product of its time, nothing in this manga will surprise you but it is a fun ride while it last.

It's nice to have the same scanlation group from the 1st chapter to the last really creates an experience unique to scanlated manga.
I plan to read a couple volumes into this series before the anime remake features in Oct. 2020 and causes a resurgent boost in popularity.

For record’s sake, I’ll be documenting the views, rating, and user bookmarks for this series as the year 2020 progresses:

...Gome-chan best slime! Avan-sensei best teacher!
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