Don't Provoke the Crazy, Dumb and Villainous Consort
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  • Do Not Mess with the Stupid Concubine
  • Stupid Concubine
  • 痴傻毒妃不好惹
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She is the well-known young lady of the Prime Minister’s mansion. However, because of a single promise, she ran into a statue and died.
21st century’s Mu QingGe transmigrates into her dead body. Relying on her mastery of medicines and poisons, she causes a disturbance in the Imperial Court.

"I will let you know what it means to be called a fool! Let you know what is true incomparable beauty is!"
She stood in the limelight amidst the waves, overlooking the whole world.

Many beautiful men swarmed around her but only one of them stood tall. Standing, with his long sleeves, in an imposing manner, "Woman, Jiang Shan is yours, and you are mine."

Adapted from a novel written by Qiao Xiao Xi.
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I tried but this is so... is this in a lot of Chinese novels this... arrogant, verbally, emotionally abusive, just toxic revenge or sex theme I don't really know how to describe it but I'd never want to be the main character or die and she steals my body because she is always going to exact revenge? Anyway I'm dropping this.
Thank you for the update
I wish the original owner of the body would not just disappear this is awful.
So it is the generic shit that when they have a mental illness they just insult the character , and also body stealer shit.POS.
"Crazy, Dumb and Villainous" is too hammy. Honesty, I don't mind villainous in the title but whenever it's a derogatory term like "ugly, dumb, abandoned" etc... it just turns me off from the story
i like it. fl not dumb tho. the real owner of the body obviously had mental illnesses its a pity people treated her like that. 😟

fl is funny and not the weak damsel in distress kind. i love her. and thank god, ml so far also is not the usual arrogant jerk ml that manhua loves so much of. Deffo gonna look forward for the next chaps!
Thanks for the update!
Irl, please seek help if you have mental, physical, emotional, etc issues with the help/assistance of qualified people.

In fiction, I don't care what the author does to the story as long as the story is "good" in my opinion. This one is funny.
The ART is good and its interesting so far
Anyone have a link to the novel translation?
No idea why they try to shit so much on people with mental diseases , specially women.
Interesting! I read ahead in the raws and can't wait for the upcoming chapters lolol 😍
haha when she’s crossdressing in some panels she has obvious boobs and others she’s flat. it’s like the artist forgot except when it’s directly relevant to what’s happening
thanks for translations!
im intrigued hope you guys will continue translating thankyou very much
anyone know what novel this is adapted from?
the art style is pretty and i’m intrigued
Looks great! I'm interested where the plot will go next! Thank you for the hard work 💖
Looks similar to all the other manga I read about these type of plots. I wonder how long she'll pretend to be dumb
Actually looks really interesting. Thanks for translating it cant wait for more chapters :)