God of Blackfield
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  • گاد آف بلک‌فیلد
  • 갓 오브 블랙필드
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“Who am I?”

The legend of the French Foreign Legion, ‘Kang Chan’!
During the African war, he was called ‘God of Blackfield’, the black land’s God, by his enemies who were terrified but in awe of him.
However, during a mission to kill Masallan, the brain behind SISS, the group of sunni supporters, Kang Chan was killed in action by an unknown bullet shot from behind him.
As his vision got blurry, he saw his thirteen team members, who had absolute faith in him, getting killed one after another.
As Kang Chan was awaiting death after being shot by a traitor, he was saved by a mysterious power and woke up 3 years later in South Korea.
However, he was in the body of another ‘Kang Chan’, a 19-year-old high school boy who was being bullied at school.

Kang Chan’s journey to get revenge on the traitor and to find out the truth behind his rebirth begins now!
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Finally Black Lagoon like manhwa

Great Manhwa, worth to read

a France Military Veteran reincarnate as Highschool boy, he smash small local gangster, manage to have connection with France Ambassador and about to takeover Entertainment Agency,, oh and currently he is target by International Criminal Organization

So much happen in early chapters, it's like author rush a bit

Soo much surprises
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I gave this a 5 and dropped it after ch53. I just can't immerse myself in the story and while the story (and art) overall isn't bad, some scenes just don't make sense to me (one of the first ones being the one where mc leaves the cover of trees and runs into an armee... In what world is that a good idea?) and feel badly executed. I wrote some comments along the lines of better setting the mc up and giving him some proper setbacks, but it just doesn't happen (at least imo). So yeah, wouldn't recommend it, but give it a try if you have nothing else to do...
hmmm... overall not bad, not bad at all. i binged out of curiosity, and before i knew it, i catch up to it. i like it so far. :) oh and yes, it has a romance tag for some reason. maybe later on in the series but there doesnt seem to be any "romance" as of now.
just binged it out of curiousity, and while its okay overall.. after reading ti straight i cant help but want more.. ahh.. i was even counting down the chapters and still got caught by the cliff.. lol
These last chapters are kinda ridiculous. So dumb.
This series has a Romance tag on, but before I try to start reading it I need to ask if there’s any actual Romance in this series at all or will be in the future? So if someone could tell me, spoiler or not that’ll be awesome :)
Aren't there like 48 raw chapters? It's been 3 weeks
I'm gonna tell those who are looking at the comment sections for reviews of whether this is a great one or not. I'll simply tell you this;

I sometimes found the MC to be annoying due to how he treats other people, aside his parents(as others say). But overall, for me God of Blackfield deserves a solid 9/10. I really enjoyed reading this, whether it's the fighting scenes, drama scenes and some comedy filler scenes. The story progression is good enough for me as well as the characters growth.

This is of course, is only my opinion. Whether you'll want to drop it before you even read a chapter or you became more interested and decided to give this manhwa a shot, it's all your choice. I hope this comment helped you.
This is good but I want his character to go through more character development. I hope he grows into a more social and softer person.

Also I’m rooting for snow white to win his heart.
Some good shit.. Its just.. Some good shit..
Well... Saw that coming a mile away.
main character very annoying lot of the times..
first of all I don't understand why those thug group (which got more power due to MC crushing opposition group)
helps him but he keeps showing attitude..
and his justification was this is what we were fighting against is the past...we need to draw a line..
Why did you even use them?..then showing attitude
i see praising comments of people in the relevant chapters have no issue with his attitude...its cool cause he is being bad-ass mofo
even the way he behaves with the make-up girl in his school....... -_-
well apart from my issue with the MC's attitude this is a somewhat decent
score (6/10)..highest (7/10) as of 43 chapters (being generous)

i posted this on the ''Reaper Scan'' site but comment got removed...maybe what I wrote is SPOILER?
I wasn't aware talking about a character's attitude is spoiler'ish..whatever
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@SirTropical I was gonna write something about this, but I think you really nailed it. I'm dropping this already because I just can't stand this MC attitude anymore. The guy says he was 29 yo but it feels like he was a 70yo grumpy old man, holy shit. The guy only complains all the time and treat everyone (aside from his parents) like shit.
I want some actual military action man :(
Why does everything need to be about highschool???????????? Can't we for one fucking time have a realistic gritty military action webcomic????
I get the whole special forces member transmigrating into the body of a teenager can royally fuck your mental state up, not to mention being betrayed by your closest men and not knowing how to fully conduct yourself in a civilian environment when you've been living the military life for years (alot of past men & women I know who used to serve absolutely struggled in their first few weeks - sometimes months - of transitioning their life back to a civilian); but J. H. Christ, he's such a dickhead.

The dude constantly interrupts whoever he's speaking to if he doesn't like the topic (which doesn't make sense considering he was the leader of his Special Ops group (PMC if I can remember), meaning he needs some form of professional decorum when dealing with potential partners), is so... edgy. Like he comes straight out of a D-Tier Fanfiction rather than what his background actually portrays. That and he's just a prick in general. It's getting harder not to drop this, fml.
@Shinobu lolol
If Smithen play around with Alice, I really hope he gets his ZZ cuts in half
For a 29 year old, he sure is angsty lmao
never thought i would say this but he's ''TOO MUCH'' of an alpha. he's always serious atleast lay low and enjoy your new life hence sometimes it gets boring to read