The Live
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  • Система Жизни
  • زنده
  • 더 라이브
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After losing his wife and daughter in a horrific accident, Yun-Jae finds himself stuck in his routine until he receives a diary from his future self. “I can see… my wife and daughter again?” Through winning the “games” in the “parallel world,” one will receive a “prize,” and using this, he could revive his dead family… but out of all the survivors of this cruel world, Yun-Jae is the only one with the knowledge of the future. Will he be able to turn his greatest wish into reality?

Russian / Русский
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great manhwa among the mediocre... not there yet to be placed among the really great manhwa. One of the weakness is the flow of fighting scene, it's feel awkward and rigid. The artist still cannot show the sense of urgency in more difficult fight...
I like the MC, he is cold but not the robotic cold that we see all the time. I also like the relationships he built with others, it fells natural and not something forced for the sake of the story.
All in all I generally like this manhwa.
TL;DR: Overall the plot is generic for the most part, but has been executed well. And a good MC. It meets the quality of other great korean web comics.

Story has been generic so far but the good generic. MC has a set goal from the very beginning, giving it a different vibe than other stories where the modern day man has to fight monsters. He has had time to steel himself before anything happens due to his prior knowledge. It takes a while for any world building to start as little information is given in the beginning. As of the latest chapter I am writing this (chp. 42) it feels slow and plain because of the way it is world building. We are seeing the world through a 3rd person perspective hearing thoughts of the mc mainly but others as well. Even though the MC knows the future, the future point isn't explained to us right away. Instead we tend to move the main perspective quickly to a different character where we then learn what the MC knows through someone else's mind before switching back to the MC. A tactic commonly used in stories revolving someone know the future. The story is predictable by the fact that it gives clues to the plot throughout the plot. Allowing you to predict certain key points before it happens. Building on our anticipation of something happening over the curiosity of it. (Though it still has mysteries). Similar to "Solo Leveling" where you predict our MC will do something and the excitement and adrenaline of imagining it makes you more excited to see it, all be it a much lesser extent. The MC, Yun-jae to me feels human where you can understand his thought process and can relate to most emotions he expresses. For me it ranks below "Solo Leveling" purely just on the fact that we see the growth of Sung-woo in SL alone. And I rank solo leveling below "Omniscent Reader's Viewpoint" <-- READ THIS if you haven't already, it is the perfect mix of this series and solo leveling in the best way possible.
this deserve's more views
btw this is 10/10
Theory: his wish on the holy grail in the first chapter was to leave the journel for himself so he could go through the whole thing without suffering as much.
Could have been interesting, but its generic at best, I also gave up at ch 30, as @Cavo said the pacing is horrid,
Gave up after chapter 30 or so. Artwork is awful, story is super generic with terrible pacing. It's just another one of those stories basically being mass-produced to capitalized on the fantasy/leveling genre. There's literally nothing there.
Basically a Korean drama in terms of characterization and individual arcs, but a lot of the annoying shit inherent to those has been replaced by cool fantasy survival game stuff. So, pretty fucking awesome.
Thank you author
Into chapter 5 now, the writing is pretty shitty. Solid rpg system, and the eyes are drawn well. I'd give it a 7, so far.
A novel that will make you cry every second arc

omniscient reader's viewpoint. its another manhwa with a similar premise.
This is actually pretty good👍👍
In any era Reincarnated people are like poison that poisons the history, they after reincarnation always messup the original history, changing it to as they like
@RalekTheOne what does ORV stand for?
Feels like an ORV rip off
lmao this guy really pulled a master keikaku on the mustache-twirling villain
Damn, this series is a diamond in the rough. It needs way more exposure than it’s getting right now...
@rejin there is, it's called Tower of God
i just wonder. is there any manga/hua/hwa with this type of story where the MC isn't a knowitall?