Target: 100 Million Points! The Ultimate Game to Start a 2nd Life!
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  • Target 1 billion points! Open the ultimate game of second life!
  • 目标一亿积分! 开启二次人生的终阶游戏!
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Xie Yu kept himself closed because of the death of his friend, immersed in the game world, until one day a mobile game called the ultimate game appeared on his mobile phone, when he learned that the game can achieve all the wishes, even the dead Can be resurrected, with 100 million points as the goal, and the second life of the dead house begins!
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It's interesting but only if you shut down your brain while drunk and undertaking some sort of drugs, this is just one of those typical Chinese bs that we kept eating all the time, you won't throw it up but it's still garbage, the goal is clear but on the way to it is cliche and uninteresting, nevertheless, some are far more worst out there, but this one is no better either.
its so slow!
it would be very likely that both of them want to revive the same person, the yu girl used to play the same game and died and then he got invited there too, and the same people that killed her want to kill him, but what i find strange, it's the arc problem, when it will end, when they revive her ? but then the hole plot falls, but if they never revive her, it will get tiring of the same shit, people come to kill him and then he amost lose and then he gets strong and then win and repeat.
This should be called "How i became a god with gacha: the mango"
I just avoid anything from China at this point.
how come this story have 7+ rating? it clearly the author intention from the start to milk, no real story...i mean the main target to ressurect mc friend that died and it need point and that is basicly the first target for mc new life yet at the same time the hardest and will only be fulfilled when the story end and no one know it will happen and maybe it will never happen, in other word reading a story where mc new life resolution after hundred of chapter can not be achieved is the same of reading a bigraphy of a trash
Every character is extremely unlikable.
Plot armor is to obvious. Author doesn't even tries to hide how everything is so convenient for MC.
Art isn't to my taste. Weapons looks like some 5 year old kid would design. Every female armor couldn't look tighter. At least colors can be explained by using excuse that this is the game.
Story doesn't exist here.
So basically this is below average read. 4/10
Sorry losers chairman Mao had a billion points before the game even started.
The writing is too convenient
If points can be used for literally anything then why not buy abilities that will generate points for him? If he gets a passive ability that generates one point a second then in a three years and a few months he will have 100 million points. He could get abilities that give points for walking, for eating, etc. too. At the very least he could get an ability that lets him get points for defeating people without killing them.
cant say that deus ex machinas are counted as surviving through wits. From what I've read ch 1-5 he just basically gets near death makes a comeback, opponent makes comeback and MC gets close to death again and makes another miraculous power out of nowhere. Not a bad manhua but there are still better ones
It is definitely better than most mangwa out here but isn't good.
1. System doesn't have any clear rules. Players are able to use weapons in reality but somehow no one does that.
2. Weapon and armor designs are trashy (there is no need for explanation on this point).
3. Serious plot armor. In one page MC says that he needs better weapon to survive, in next one he gets legendary sword.
4. MC is serious pushover when author tries to depict him as somewhat heroic. Basically contradicts himself. Was robbed and he basically thanks for that (chapter 9 and 10)
5. Power levels are all over the place. Veterans are about level 8, MC almost reaches that level in few hours.
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crazy update😍
Holy fuck this is so awful lmao chinese manhua always seem to disappoint and be utterly garbage.
😣Pwease dont 😭be angwy if the chapter is short 😔 WAAAAAAAA, I got tricked by vampy to ts chp 8 😥 (cuz there's a chapter that is rwelly short than the usual)
and now i will go back to my corner since i finished it, heck
@MolaCola probably but at the same time this guy’s body will probably change as well
she's going to come back see a smelly shut in who's worked his ass off for years to resurrect her
she wont recognize him
she wont reciprocate his feelings