Tenshoku no Shinden o Hirakimashita
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  • Opened a job change temple
  • 転職の神殿を開きました
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What was born as a villager, no matter how much effort, remains a villager and never becomes a swordsman. This is the world where everyone's life has been determined by the innate “job”. And a young man was summoned to this different world with a certain ability. The ability of the main character, Kaname Morimoto, was able to brilliantly “change jobs” = job change ability!!

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    It has a lot of potential that it just does not realize. I think the art is really nice, but doesn't look very life-like. The story is just kind of interesting and kind of boring at the same time, and the pace could also do with a little bit of speeding up. The characters are okay but not fleshed out properly, making everyone fairly one dimensional. I hope it takes a turn for the better but this is just one that's slightly off in every aspect and that's a shame.
    This looks like it's going to be a fun read, Thank you for your work and effort in bringing this to us!
    Kinda well-done and all... but rather boring and slow, plus absolutely out-of-place school arc
    This is interesting series but i like the mc character design better in the novel, he looks bland and boring in this but the other character design are not bad
    quest for establishing shop -> problems while having shop -> ending hopefully
    I love Kulne!! <3
    it's interesting in its own way, cliche though it may be.
    judging from the title, he's going to take command/establish/build a temple, so enrolling seems to be a transition/prelude for that purpose. ie: building connections, gathering funds or whatnot, expanding the worldview, introducing the antagonist(s).
    perhaps that would explain the pacing.

    personally, i think the rating should be around 7.
    to each their own, i guess

    my opinion could change in the future though, depending on how the story/mc goes
    this is impossible to read. the pacing is so bananas that nothing makes sense.
    one thing I'm confused about... isn't his job change "randomized" towards what the person is fitted to be?
    if so why is it giving the MC the job that he needs for the situation?
    ooh oooh ooooh ooooooh
    monkey funny
    So its lvl999 villager except shitter?
    @Nk9bjP4A lol
    Today, I changed my job from peanut butter sandwich eater into tuna sandwich eater, but only for 5 minutes. After that, I have to wait 1 day until I can change my job again.
    Way too boring unfortunately. In every aspect... Couldn't get past chapter 3.

    Yeah, I haven't read the LN. If the LN is better, it's a shame the same effort wasn't put into the manga. I won't be reading the LN because I found the manga so unenjoyable. So, their efforts to get me to read the LN have failed on that point.

    I guess you didn't realize the manga is skipping a lot of content that was in the novel. It feels like this manga is basically an advertisement for the novel. It skips a lot though. I figure this manga was set up for limited run and the author knows it.

    The ln was published near the same time this is running, so not putting in every detail would be fine if the sole purpose was to pull readers to the ln.

    The wn explains more and seems paced better too.
    I'm not sure why the author bothered to make this an isekai. Other than in the first few pages of the first chapter, it's rarely mentioned that the MC is from another world. Those times where his isekai is mentioned, it's just a random observation or something. It never has any material effect on the plot. Even in the blandest isekais, the fact that the MC was isekaied at least minimally contributes to the story.

    Speaking of a story, there isn't one. Everything that happens is random and pointless, and the MC just happens to have the perfect cheat abilities to see himself through the crises. It's just a series of random events that are barley strung together with minimal explanation. The author does leave a lot of plot threads that he can pull, but I'm not confident that will happen given the fast pace of the story.

    The characters are as lacking as the plot.

    The art is good, and the manga is as inoffensive as it is bland. There's no ecchi, harem, gore, or excessive violence in the first 6 chapters. If you're looking for an inoffensive manga where you can just turn off your brain and not miss anything, this is for you.
    is anyone else confused about all the gears on the license machine in chapter 4, like half of them wont work and aren't connected to anything.
    What is that? Is that delicious?
    I don't know about the pacing. Maybe it's because of how the story progresses or the storytelling. It's kinda plain. Dialogs seem sometimes weird.

    Rather than reading a story I feel like it's indifferent. "well yeah, this happens and after that this happens".
    After reading the first 5 chapters I feel nothing.