Kill the Hero
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  • 킬더히어로
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One day, the world transformed into a game.
'Dungeons' and 'monsters' emerged in the middle of cities, and 'players' who had received the gods' authority appeared.

Se-jun Lee, the guildmaster of the Messiah Guild that would bring salvation to the world.
"Let us save the world together. Let's put an end to this nightmare."
The whole world celebrated the hero's appearance,
And I became his comrade.


He wasn't a hero nor a messiah like the world was hailing him.
He was a deceitful hero with the secret ambition to rule the world.
"You did well. If it weren't for you, I couldn't have come up till here."
I lost my life at his blade in the last dungeon.

...or so i thought.

The announcement I heard next to my ear the moment I died.
[Starting the game.]
I returned to the past, back when I still hadn't awakened as a player.

And this time, It's my turn......

To 'hunt' him.

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Gotta agree with earlier comments :D Great read while waiting for more solo levelling chapters. For anyone looking for something else that is also very similar try i am the sorcerer king ^^
Really giving me Solo Levelling vibes and I love it! Also love how the story develops, yep, I'm hooked
@Ultima4128 @yumino101 Thanks guys!
This is really filling the void, that Solo living has left behind and translators are jumping on it! lol
damn we have a war here
Reaper_Scans VS MANGADODS who will win!!!
man who chaps gonna be fast ? :D :D
Btw next solo leveling si goood :D
even the bloody name is the same lol
Whoever says this is inspired by Solo Leveling: It could also be inspired by "I am the sorcerer king" because of dungeons/clearing all alone/chosen by god ...
And even while reading SL I think it's inspired by "the gamer"
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Goblin slayer appreciated your methods
Between the two "Reaper and Mangadod" I think I prefer Mangadod's translation. It feels more natural and less choppy. That said, I support whichever is more willing to keep up with the translation in the future.

Also no, this isn't Solo Leveling. Solo Leveling is nowhere near a new or novel concept. Solo Leveling is essentially just poor mans Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society.
So this is the same as solo leveling?
Not a bad way to start a series. Nice
@Question2 pretty sure most manhwas with dungeons and RPG scenario don't have much romance, forget about harem...
Its only those cringy trash manhuas which have those
the only thing right in your comment is that "MC gets/starts with OP powers relative to everyone else"
Thats it!
Let me guess, MC gets/starts with OP powers relative to everyone else, quickly obtains a 10/10 love interest which expands into a harem, all the girls remain madly in love with the MC forever even though he shows zero interest in them, all the villains are badly written and kick puppies for fun and every arc is the MC basically making girls wet as more and more girls throw themselves at him.

How close am I?
Yes a sniping war i like it.
@Delovan Reaper Scans
@Delovan I read till ch 5 from Mangadods was a tad bit confusing, I re-read the chaps from Reaper Scans and they did a way better job on both tl and editing.
which groups translation do you guys recommend i read this i don't really have the time to read both and choose myself thanks in advance
I just read the first chapter aaaand the character styles reaallly remind me of Berserker for a moment with Lee Seejun and his resemblance to the hero/savior from Berserker. As well as our mc and im kind of like okaay? But it has my interest so far. Nothing original but hopefully its good I really want it to be and can someone reccommend me some hella good mangas. We all living that quarantine life and I have lots of time. Please no popular mangas that like EVERYmanga reader knows
thank you for the translation!
Battle of the scanlation groups.