Kemono Friends - Raccoon-san Mansion
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  • Raccoon-san Apartment
  • アライさんマンション
  • 阿莱桑公寓
  • 阿萊桑公寓
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  • 8.84
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  • 16,324
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Common Raccoon (from Kemono Friends) and her adventures in the apartment she is staying in.

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This is really hard to read right now, and I think it's because of the image compression and resizing.

All the images got scaled to 1000 px width, making those extra-wide pages illegible.

I have the Data Saver option off, and doing Right Click -> View Image still only returns the 1000 px width version.
@Osaka_Vibes The KF characters are just an insert - the author could have taken any other setting's characters and done the same, but he's probably just a fan of the KF girls. And the juxtaposition of cute, innocent KF versus Lovecraftian horror is... memorable.
Very creepy and unnerving manga noda. Dont read this at 3 am noda.
never watched kemono friends, but this is interesting as hell
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This manga is really unnerving but the way the world bends and shifts is awesome and some of the ideas are really neat.

Edit: Although I will admit feeling pretty despairing at the fate of the innocent (mostly) animal girls.
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A treasure .
We don't often see this type often.
But it's for the best for anyone with children mind to not have this too early.

A treasure we can't afford to handle without enough strength.

This is not skyrim mod hentie
Go search the author work somewhere else if you want that.
Anime girls mixed with silent hill/SCP creaturelike

This manga is now one of my favourites
Thought this was Resident Evil related. Was wondering why they were referring to Raccoon City as a person.

Never seen Kemono Friends, and didn't read the summary beforehand. Took me a little bit to realize I don't know what the fuck I'm reading about
@yamusing - Well, based on the news story, the whole town is completely messed up, but people don't notice, until they DO notice, and end up going crazy. Otherwise they just go about their lives ignoring the little "inconveniences" that happen.

@Ovnidemon - You might be interested in the Hookland Guide or the game World of Horror.
Whats the characters objective in that weird flat anyways?
jebus it's been a while since a manga got me unnerved.

to think the artist used to draw straight shota hentais he really able to make scary ass manga like this
Bruh, i didnt think the artist of this also drew the skyrim npc kan mod doujin, absolutely brilliant.
This is just weird enough that it's one of my favourite horror manga so far. I guess the vibrant colour job helps too.
@ovnidemon Oh, I see, you're that sort of person.
Just watch Sliders then.
@Nakewameke not exactly what I am looking for. While I like everything you said, what I am more looking for are things a bit like SCP or some creepy pasta (like "I'm a Search and Rescue Officer for the US Forest Service, I have some stories to tell"): You have an anomaly defying common sense. This anomaly has rules you need to follow to be safe. You don't know the rules and must discover them. (The game "Lobotomy corporation" is like that). The first season of Stargate was also a bit like that: they arrived each time in a new world that functioned differently and they needed to understand what could be done to be safe.
Stalker, Metro, dark city, Blame, Jigokuraku, Souboutei Must Be Destroyed : they have dark atmosphere but there is not much of "rules discovering", there are very few rules
Teleport girl Yumi: While she teleports in a lot of space and is sometimes confronted to supernatural, again, there is not really rules to discover
Cube 1 and 2: it's more about puzzle than rules, it's just a serie of trials
House Of Leaves: It has a bit of what I am looking for (And at the same times, it's very close to some creepy pasta)
It's not exactly "rules of survival", but this comic borrows heavily from the likes of STALKER and Metro; I'd also suggest watching Cube/Cube 2 and Dark City.
For comics, I'd suggest the currently-being-scanlated Souboutei Must Be Destroyed, Blame!, Teleport Girl Yumi, Jigokuraku, and also it's a novel but read House Of Leaves while you're at it.
This is really, really good. I adore the world building, it's among the best crafted places I've seen in manga.
I just want more. Even if it's not that easy to read on tablet, either. Thanks!
This is amazing, thank you to the author and translators !
It's a bit of a shame that the layout is kind of hard to work with on notebooks, but otherwise, abject, surrealist horror is the only thing that feels appropriate for Kemono Friends now. Eight stars.