Psychometrer Eiji
Alt name(s):
  • Eiji
  • Psychometer Eiji
  • Psychometre Eiji
  • Psychometrist Eiji
  • Thám tử Eiji
  • Психометр Эйдзи
  • サイコメトラーEIJI
  • 感应少年 EIJI
  • 感应少年阿驱
  • 사이코 메트러 에지
  • 7.94
  • 7.95
  • 58
Pub. status:
  • 95,209
  • 2,035
  • 186
Eiji is a teenager who's rough and rude and loves to fight. However Eiji has a strange power; when he comes in contact of certain objects, he can see memories contained within the objects themselves. When he finds himself involved in a dark murder case, he assists a beautiful young profiler to find the murderer. Afterwards, she continues to ask for his assistance in more complex investigations. A detective manga with intriguing and complicated cases.

NOTE: This manga contains rather a lot of violent imagery, scenes, cases and situations.

Was adapted into a live action TV drama. See Wikipedia a little past halfway down the page.
Reading progress:
  • Volume 0/25
  • Chapter 0/205

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@gomichandesu god I so hate that mullet lol. It looks hella trashy for some reasons.
I didn't realize the dude had a mullet until half way into the first chapter and 8 chapters later it's still distracting me lol
Ok. Have read first 8 volumes now and I feel like the rest will be the exact same : introduce a female character have her killed, the killer is always obvious. And it's trying to pass complete bs as "psychology", wouldn't surprise if they started using astrology to find the culprits as well.... Well that last critic is mainly due to how old the manga is as the topic of psychology was a lot less known back then so I guess I can't blame the manga too much for it.
I've only read first 4 volumes rn but so far I would rate this "how much more obvious can you be?!?"/10
When this series is good, it's very good. When it's bad it's very bad. I skip the Mitt-chan & one-off stalker stuff as much as possible; otherwise it's a great story. I don't know why, but the artist's drawing is actually way better in this earlier works than his later stuff.

Anyway, I thought some readers might be interested in a little context about a song that a character keeps humming. There is more than one translation of Grimm's The Juniper Tree, but the poem part goes like this:

"My mother she killed me,
My father he ate me,
My sister, little Marlinchen,
Gathered together all my bones,
Tied them in a silken handkerchief,
Laid them beneath the juniper-tree,
Kywitt, kywitt, what a beautiful bird am I!"

In the story, there is a woman who wished for a long time to have a child but she couldn't. She accidently shed blood at the foot of a Juniper tree and her wish came true and she gave birth to a son. Later she dies, is buried under the tree, and her husband remarries. The new wife has a daughter and hates the son. She kills him and makes her daughter, his little sister, believe that it was her fault. The mom tells her that she will cover it up by making his body into black pudding and the sister just cries.

When the father comes home the wife lies and says the little boy left to live with relatives and she feeds the father the black pudding. The father is upset that his son left without saying anything but he believes the story. He tosses the bones from the black pudding under the table and the sister gathers them in her silk scarf and lays them at the foot of the juniper tree. Then the bones disappear and the boy is reborn as a bird, making his sister happy. He goes around singing the song quoted above, and the sound is so beautiful that people give the bird gifts to sing it to them again.

He takes the gifts back home and sings to his family. When he sings for his father he gives him a gold chain. When he sings to his sister he gives her a pair of shoes. When the stepmother comes to see what gift she will get, the bird drops a stone mill on her head and she dies, bursts into flames under the tree, and when the flames clear the boy is back and his sister and father rejoice and apparently no one cares about the step mom. The end.

I guess Ikushima likes the poem because he had a bad family life. He's a weirdo, I dunno.
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honestly if only there's no chapter dedicated to badly written shitty cringy stalker that should be in jail for eternity since he first appeared, this would be a better manga series in my list.
Most female character in this series literally exist only to be killed. Honestly gets boring because it is so easy to see it coming.
This really needs a tragedy tag as well
Shibatora is much better than this one.
@Predatornoa I just checked, and it's got 27 volumes, of which only 4 chapters have been scanlated. It's possible some elements of Eiji appear as the series progresses. As far as I know, the only 2 manga related to Eiji is Debusen and Psychometrer.
@Gent I was wondering because says that it's adapted from Psychometrer Eiji. Strange..
@Predatornoa it's by the same author-artist combo, but the stories don't intersect, I think.
Avatar is connected with this Manga?
Whoever is changing the cover picture, please stop. I'm keeping it at the volume which is currently being scanlated, and it will be updated as each volume is completed.
first half of the manga is a 10/10
That was My favorite manga series for a long time. Still very close to the top. Psychometry is My favorite psychic power because of that Manga.
Sequel: Psychometrer (
Better not visit this page like i did.