Immortal Swordsman in the Reverse World
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  • 本剑仙绝不吃软饭
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Chu Qing, a Swordsman, accidentally entered the Fairy Realm 300 years ago. During those 300 years, he began his cultivation journey. Upon reaching the Realm of Eternity, he unexpectedly opened the Hall of Time and Space and returned to the time he was 17 years old and lived on the Earth. But, it turned out that it wasn't the same Earth he once lived in. It was a reversed world where Women act like Men and vice-versa! And hence, his journey to conquer all the strong women of this 'Reverse World' and return to his previous world began. [Written by MCITGAMER.]

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If you guys are looking for something similar to this manhua, the closest thing would be Powerful Juvenile King.
If... U guys think he is a alpha male u guys are wrong...
Why is this so behind again?
This one was a hard fail in my view, which sucks because the premise was really cool.

No details, but essentially the MC just got extremely lazy and got pushed around by everyone else without planning any countermeasures.

I'm fine with weak characters up against adversity, but I can't stand it when they don't even bother to try to improve.
This is some of that goooooood wuxiatrash, i have read way to many clich'e ones so this was a nice change of pace.
I wonder if there are any Manga/Manhua/Manhwa with an MC as Alpha as this guy regarding women 🤔
It feels like the author is trying his best to convince us this a matrimonial world but fails hardly, every time something happens where there is gender prejudice author will always point out to what the norm is in this world like we don't understand reverse world. Even things that are man centric sometimes show up for no reason when we are supposed to be in a woman centric world
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Didn't that bitch give him some date rape drug with that water she gave him? Why is he so friendly with her?
@AUSGrizzly you know that adult males aren't the only ones that sell their children to make money, adult females also sell their children. People tend to forgot about today's society, males can be feminine or masculine, females can be masculine or feminine. Everyone is different on the outside but everyone is the same on the inside. I just lost the point I had.
@controversial, nah this 110 was out mid july. this sites behind some others. I read it on another site which is upt o 114, so i though t i was seeing shit as well.
either im going crazy but am i reading repeating chapters?
I have been enjoying this but sometimes I feel that the Role Reversal theme is dropped for a 'normal' state of roles. In Ch41 the Father is demanding Money for gambling, threatening to sell Huahua's body for money...
This feels like its something that you would see in a male centric world which was spos to be the opposite. Donno, just feels off every now and then where the Role Reversal is swapped back.
It’s mind blowing that really awesome manga/manhwa/manhua are stalled or just plain stopped for YEARS.
While shit like this gets updated way 2 freaking often. Seriously! This world is up side down I will tell u that.
There’s soooo many trash like this online. This, Shit like this, is the definition of really bad taste!
What's next? Making the next chapter completely in Spanish?
The author seems to be 冬漫社
I don't think it's cancelled, since the latest chapter (#115) came out on August 4th, 2020.
I also don't understand why it has an Indonesian flag for a Chinese manhua.
where could i find literally anything about the artist author or company that would have made this? i understand it was cancelled but theres no info here for who even came up with it. searching that alt name gets me nothing and so does the english name.

would have been curious to read this, sad.
DUPERhero bro i meant that the story will lose that feeling later, its not like there is 0 romance later but after "that arc" the history will change and ofc that "end" , let me give an example x girl loses her memory and the story will end like that(author just make some plots likr that and he doenst even talk about the girls later after they lost their use)
if you want a good story dont WAThc this xD is just comedy and the mc changes from whore to alpha then beta prety fast