Peerless Battle Spirit
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  • Peerless Battle Spirit
  • 绝世战魂
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In the Canglan Continent, there existed a rule: only those who managed to awaken a Martial Spirit were able to pursue the path of cultivation, and a Martial Spirit's rank was determined when it was awakened. Born in Linshui City, Qin Nan was a peerless genius who possessed great talents and was highly anticipated to become a great cultivator in the future. However, things changed when he ended up awakening the lowest-grade Martial Spirit, resulting in him being considered trash.

Fortunately, when Qin Nan was struck by a ray of lightning at a young age, he coincidentally obtained the atavistic Divine Battle Spirit, which was capable of ranking up, breaking the ultimate rule of the Canglan Continent. Little did he know that his Martial Spirit possessed a great secret, which would continue to be unveiled as he learns more about the story of the Divine Battle Spirit.

What is the secret behind the Divine Battle Spirit? What is the curse of the Canglan Continent? Who exactly is the Divine God of Battle?

Join Qin Nan and his companions along their journey, battling against various opponents, outsmarting their enemies, and seeking the answers to unveil mysteries!

“Master, please bring me along on your journey battling against the Nine Heavens, will you?”

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157 ch in mangallama if someone re interested.
This series is too brutal for me. The MC starts killing people he has petty disputes with after 10 chapters just because he can. I'm out.
Anyone know where chapter 130 is equivalent to in the novel?
"Today's chapters of PBS will be the last chapters uploaded on Astral Library for about a month or two. I will be waiting for another 50 to 100 raw chapters to be up before picking it up once again. With the release rate of the raw chapters being at around one a day, this should not take longer than three months. Anyway, I will be picking up another project in place of this, but I will be taking a break from being the main translator of any comics on this site for a week or two. Thank you and have you nice a day!"
They should really drop their delay until their site actually works.
internal server error, again, haha.. after these chapters of peerless battle spirit uploaded on the site.
can't be helped though, it seems this manga got very high demand
Nvm fixed
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The site is fixed.

2 days later...
Getting error again.

I'll just read it in the index.
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@Kalec True it's a real shame
@RyRead1 It could be the best looking site ever but still be just useless if it breaks more times than it works
@Skine the website is pretty good looking though it's just it has a lot of errors and there's no other website that has the translations that I know of so just wait or reload the website until it works.
why do you have to use your trash ass site. Ill just read from other sites since yours is so shit
Astral library's website is down
Still having trouble hours later...
Took me more than an hour to read 7 chapters.
Internal Server Error Just like the rest.

Seems it was just server load.
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Am i the only one getting Internal Server Error and have to refresh multiple times before getting in their site?

[Edit] The answer is no.
Can you remove the delay until the site is fixed? We can't read there anyway.
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TipToe I really want to read o your website, but your site keep saying 500 Internal Server Error
There website has been down for a couple of days already. Wth
I like this TL group. They give us enough that we can't really complain, and then they keep bringing us back more. Also, they know how to set up a cliffhanger