The Treasure Fell Off the Emperor's Sky
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  • 皇帝陛下的天价宝贝
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Little Princess, who has become a king? Is the world patriarchal? The minister can execute the grand princess of a country at will? So, in order to survive, she can only please the king and the naughty brother? No, Babyqueen is not willing! Not only does she not want to please these men, she also wants to compete for the throne as a queen! And in the presence of thousands of ministers scolded her king father as shit! Strangely, after the scolding, everyone seems to be looking at me!
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My man, cloww, I love the memes you put on at the end Haha, so fun! Thanks for your translations!!!
The story will be better? I stopped at chapter 8 and I don’t find any will power to continue reading :T
Kkkkkk when I real the title I translated it in my mind and read “o tesouro caiu do céu do imperador”, until here, everything is okay. But in my mind “tesouro” was KiKo from chaves. Kskskskksksk xD
@crossover123 i don't even know what's the reason for the author making this manhwa... even if it's for a good reason i'm still despise it...
@akane12e i read the raws, the king's mom is even worse than him
I feel the most sorry for the translator who has to read whatever the fuck is going on AND translate it for us. Do your best, translator! Thank you for working so hard!
every chapter i read.. my blood pressure raise.. what the heck with this child abuse plot... i know the plot of abusing a MC reincarnated is familiar now, BUT A CHILD?! I HAVE SO MANY "TRASHY WORD" TO DESCRIBE MY FEELING NOW...
Reading this is like being on LSD
Im slowly going insane because of how many manhuas, mangas and novels have a strong Eastern culture focus while having a Western looking empires and civilizations, I can see the argument about "its because the creators of that country are *Insert country here*" but at least understand that a king is not considered a king without a religion and its figure and how most Western coutries in the Middle Ages had the decency to not murder a shit ton of people and important figure heads in the military and government, I just get confused as a history teacher....
I'm surprised this actually got released to the public like wtf was the author and artist thinking when writing and releasing these updates.
The king think her newborn baby is an enemy or spy? Like dudee.....she is a newborn. Like wtf?? This is fantasy but its way too much
Oh wait its a chinese story. Nowonder the parents are like this -_-
I checked out some raws. They aren't completed. It's like a normal Chinese manhua which is very long. Something like a 100-150 chapters sounds nice, but this is going to exceed that. If you're in for a long term read this is for you. The chapters are quite short, as you might have seen in the last update (Ch 20).

The MC has some cheats which even her father couldn't figure out. It's not over the top (maybe later but not yet), but is consequential to her reincarnation (I think).

If you're into manhua and can wait for any sort of progress (if any at all), then this is good for you.

Please don't be deceived by the father daughter bonding in the cover page. (The guy MANHANDLES HIS JUST BORN DAUGHTER even till chapter 40 ish)
There is no character to any character in this manhua 😂. It's like some artist drew it for fun, makes other characters hit/manhandle the MC for fun. It's a normal to see that throughout. But I think most sane readers aren't into that.
Characters keep increasing in number. If you wanna waste your time, you can read this.
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Trash omg 😭 All manhwas like this are
This is so stupid, but just the right amount of stupid where I kinda want to see where this bullshit goes.
I really hate the character setting
dropped. this shit is so fucking weird and stupid? i cannot believe it is real.
Just because one or two stories worked doesn't mean you can half-ass a cliche premise and get away with a stupid story. It's getting tiring to sift through these.
This is the dumbest thing I've read. This story makes no sense! I don't even know what the hell is going on! I'm dropping
The translation is good but the story is just trash. It's so bad,the pacing sucks, the characters are dumb. I don't know what I expected from a Chinese comic LOL I've read a few good ones but 90% of Chinese comics are just straight up bad and I have no idea why.