Empress's Harem
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  • El Harem De Una Princesa
  • Queen's Palace
  • 女帝的后宫
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Super sweet and super-sand sculptured female statue against the harem! I often hear: "Three princes and three princesses! Your puppets are fighting again!" The overbearing female CEO traversed to the world of female honors and woke up with seven husbands.
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@Lynkaster Actually theirs a difference I suppose I mean the women are lot more tenacious frankly when a man is a main or a women in the common setting, sexual prompting barely happens until a long long way off in the journey
just replace the men by women and vice versa in an ancient chinese royal palace setting and you'll get this manhua.
Without being misogynist or something, the fact that just gender were replaced and nothing else, it made some details really strange ^^'
like, the army is composed of women, so I guess they should be physically more apt than men but men are drawn to be quite bigger in the story... where's the logic ? 😂
The only normal male (for me so no hate) here is Qian Han.... I find it really weird to see men (in ancient themed manhuas) talking about sewing, household duties, singing, dancing and especially.... They're the ones who are dominated.... They also find men who practice martial arts as good for nothings.... Its like a parallel world ( I guess it is though)

Still interesting thought
This is such an underrated manhua, although I understand that Chinese manhuas don't have great reputation for plots. But I swear this is such a genius idea, reversing the roles of males and females is so refreshing. It's also funny, I'm excited as the story progresses. Thank you for translating this!
Honestly, this is the light of my life right now, so funny and always makes me laugh
🤣DAMN this needs a comedy tag because it is funny as heck. 🤣
Did you read the raw?
Binge read this until 200+ guys, this is slow as turtle pace manhua. The real "action" is at 120+ chapter.
I wish the white-haired guy will appear more in next chapts, he is truly good-looking and looks sincere.Yan An first concubine is good, but too weak ah. The second consort is courtesan and pretty; but too naive. The smart-guy here is only.. her bodyguard who rejected the concubine-position which is good and bad --he can't act to close, but can protect her 24/7
We want moree pleaseeeee😍😍😍😍
this one of a hella story. reverse harem is such a treasure! 😍😍
One thing that bothers me no matter what.......Is the fact she only puts lipstick on her bottom lip.....She makes it worse by using the boldest color...
Oops I meant untrustworthy I got autocorrected.
@zanas no-no >_>; they were taking their darn time when uploading. They finally released those chapters Dx!!

joke aside, yeah they were working on releasing those chapters but got delayed cuz of some issues. I am glad they were able to solve their problem o7
What the hell 😭 they updates so many chapters in a day
Someone is working hard! Thank you so much! ✨✨
@Mary_2000 I am confused how is the white hair guy trustworthy if he leads her to her death.
Such a massive update! Thank you!!
Thanks for the releases <3
Actually we can guess the plot ya know. but since i'm tired with guess plot story, i just follow this. Not too bad. It's great. Unique story too.