The Making of a Princess
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  • ๅฅณไป†้ฉพๅˆฐ
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Sophia, the haughty Princess of the West Kingdom, was reduced to a lowly maid! Trampled on and humiliated, the reality she’s faced with is a harsh and cruel one. However, relying on nothing but her wits, she rises up against the odds. Will she be able to take back everything that once was hers… and more?
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whoo boy! Another update! I really like the premise of this story, but I'm not sure I like some elements of it. Like, I don't get why he or his father thinks this slave status is good for her. I don't quite buy she'd just accept being a slave so easily (being a haughty princess). I don't get why she isn't more distraught longer (feels she got over losing everything and realizing she was hated pretty fast there). I still hate the prince and hope she doesn't end up with him after ruining her life. And it'd be nice to know more of why the king was hated so much. I hope we'll get more answers in the future :P

Still, thanks for the translations and I really want more, but I have so many questions as well as some nitpicks with the story/character development so far.
Thank you for taking this up ! I really hope u release the other episodes soon since I'm sure we are all very bored and have nothing to do bcus of the lock down
cool, thanks :) was curious where the raws were. Figured I'd glance over. Still hoping she doesn't fall for a prince that literally is the cause of her downfall and death of her one family.
You know what? Just make a Manhua/manwha of shoujo not-hitler and doormat FL falling in love. Cause thats clearly what they want to make judging by the types of plots theres stories have
@TheGodEmperor Hello, sorry, I just added it!
Oh, neat, a new update. Btw, where are the raws for this?
I swear, she better not end up with any shitty prince of the nation that destroyed her and treated her like shit. Hope she starts a rebellion and kills them all and takes over. Be unique and interesting for once, stories... not the same cliched shit cause "HURR DURR MAIN MALE LEAD AND MAIN FEMALE LEAD GOTTA END UP TOGETHER!!"
Is there a novel from this?
Thank you very much for translating, i hope this will be a good historical read with a strong female lead. Another stupid prince/emperor.