Anti-Gravity Girl
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  • 반중력소녀
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A girl who was born specially and a normal boy.
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I want to know what happens next! I really enjoy this comic!🤩
@Sash, it's probably cause there is little emoting with the characters. often they keep the same face, besides FMC who is very expressive. Even then, they don't use much body language either, often the characters are just standing in the exact same pose, not much uniqueness to it. THere's also the dialogue which can feel dry, but maybe that's a translation thing.

I do enjoy the story (despite how slow it was when it started),but am sad to see that it'll end in 7 chapters (at time of this comment), but then again, the story wasn't really focused on romance, so i don't know how much more they could've given it.
I loooove it ! Guys, if you don't like this manhwa, ignore it thanks
I don't understand why this manga is rated so poorly i'm really enjoying it. I think the author is really thinking about the emotions of their characters.
Love this 😍😍😍
I think this series would be a lot better if it just focused on the boy-girl relationship rather than this weird sideplot about the research staff...although that's pretty standard in manhwa but whatever.
Overall it's still an alright series, not that bad but not that good either, don't know why some people on here are calling it absolute trash. The cute design of the main character is definitely carrying this story hard though.
being honest, this manhwa kinda sucks, all characters are really annoying
From what I can see, the characters are regular people for the most part, I see a lot of favoritism, bitching about how annoying your friends can be, and other such things. A big problem i have is that most of the characters other than byeol seem to have a somewhat stuck face. It's really weird. otherwise it's a fairly standard story.
While I appreciate all scan groups for scanlating thru series, unfortunately this manga quite literally sucks. There's been barely any plot development throughout the past 35 chapters for any meaningful progress to happen, the characters are all one-dimensional and trope-y. Probably one of the most average mangas I have ever read, and the only thing keeping it together is the cute webcomic art direction, because it is the only thing that makes this series worthwhile (and the art isn't even that above and beyond fwiw)
The only reason I would read this would be if the story focus more on MC’s relationship with his dad’s, his jealousy for the love his dad gave someone else, and the trauma of seeing his dad leave for gravity girl. But instead of writing a heartfelt story primarily about Mc and dad’s relationship, the entire story consists of mc hating gravity girl because he was jealous, gravity girl doing some dumb shit, mc solving the problems that gravity girl made while warming up to her. It dances around what could have been a very emotional and meaningful subject
Idk what it is but it feels like all the characters have a disconnect in their expression of emotions. They feel really robotic, dry, and apathetic. I end up not being able to care for any of them and the plot becomes bland and relationships are forced.
The story is very unnatural and forced. I dont know about the rest of the manga but the first 7 chapters every plot point was very unrealistic, predictable and forced. By chapter 5 you know what the whole manga is about. Mc hates girl. Girl goes and does dumb thing because shes sad. Mc saves girl. Mc starts to warm up to girl.

The girls personality was kind of 1 dimensional and stiff. It made it hard to enjoy her character at all

The story also moves way to quick showing no development in their relationships and just automatically being friends again.
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The MC’s backstory and family situation comes off as a little dark, but this manga is very lighthearted and funny. It gives the characters a lot of depth while allowing for the casual storyline to become serious when it needs to be. First impressions are meant to be changed in this manga, so I advise people to be patient with the plot and character development because it shows promise.
All the family drama of evangelion except death of course aaaand None of the giant robots.
If you want all the characters to be shallow and constantly the nicest characters, this isn't for you. The characters that the comments below are bitching about are people that are struggling with daily life and the rest of it. Of course some maybe assholes, but this manga is trying to highlight those points and reveal that true nature. Wait before you find more information out before you shit on it unequivocally. This has potential, the MC may come off as a dick, but inside, he knows he's venting on the wrong person (the gravity girl). I look forward to the progression of the characters and the story.
i have a feeling like there are going to be 3 back to back chapters with genuinely good charachter development and then it’s gonna go back to standard melodramatic romcom trash.
This is just trash don't bother reading. Cunt characters all the way through.
If anyone is wondering about the art being similar to some other webtoon, You are correct !! this is the same author as the one who made the emperor’s Knight!!!!! *Squeallll*
@ndrew99 suppose it could be worse but this just sounds frustrating
@DracoSafarius It's like, the guys dad only cares about his job / girl and ignores his family, she's being used as a tool, man vs society sort of situation.