Solte the Traveler
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  • Saihate no Solte
  • Solte of the Far Reaches
  • World End Solte
  • 最果てのソルテ
  • 终末的索鲁特
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  • 8.58
  • 127
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Though magic has been forbidden for many long years, the effects of spells woven in bygone wars still remain in pockets of corruption blighting the world today. To uncover the secrets in the hidden reaches of this world and become the wise-woman of her dreams, "Lucky" Solte sets out for adventure!
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@Duralumin Take your time my man, just letting it out there and it's kind of easy to miss with its long periods between chapters.
Subtle. I'm already on it, give me a few days.
Saihate no Solte chapter 4 is out! Raws are here

Now we wait for @Duralumin to translate it <3
@anoman i dont remember that happening spirit circle or Hoshi no Samidare. did that happen in his other works?
@anoman I want nothing more than for them to actually be in the same universe so Senya can finally show up again in another one of his works.
@Duralumin You're a wonderful human being, I tell ya. You've been translating nearly all of Mizukami works on Mangadex lately, thank you! If you have the time, you should consider doing his autobiographical comic, Ore no Mangamichi (Kari) that he posts on Twitter. Only if you want to, of course.

Thank you yet again!
I'm going to die of old age before this finishes.

@Bracken you mean a timeless masterpiece where the bad guy regrets being a bad guy at the very end because no one is allowed to be actually evil in a Mizukami story (because apparently they're all in the same universe).
I'm fine with him taking fifteen years to finish this series if it means it'll be a timeless masterpiece that I can enjoy decades into the future like his other works.
signs point to yes
New chapter is already out. I wonder if @Duralumin will translate it. I hope so.
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Literally every detail is important, what do you mean filler? Besides, the raws are probably way more, so I believe this manga does not have a translation group.
Edit: You are right about the raws being just two, missed that.
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I realize it was like 70 pages but waaaaaaay to much of that was /basically/ filler considering this only comes out every 3~ or so months. He's writing it like it's a weekly manga or even a monthly one and not making decent usage of limited pages, we didn't need a bunch of that stuff in there. Maybe one page to show all the fun stuff she's doing in the city at most, not several. Mizukami needs to change up his pacing to be less decompressed, more plot heavy if he wants to do this tri-monthly release thing. Otherwise it will end up being his longest story yet in terms of how long it takes to get the actual plot going and in terms of time overall and this is considering that sengoku youko took like 9 years or something from start to finish. Like you can understand where the story is generally going and the ambience he wants to create, but it's going to take us so long to get there at this rate that it's just not going to work well.
The first chapter finally managed to give me that adventure feeling again. Journey to Arcadia from Avantasia could be the theme song for this manga.

Mizukami is just the best.
I see Mizukami, I follow.
mizukami is the best

prove me wrong
protip: you can't
Didn't expect it to be a mahou shoujo. When the fairy pop out of her head kinda reminds me of bobobo lol.
Hell yeah. I've just accidentally found a new Mizukami work!
Going to follow this with anticipation and craving for those deep feels his stories give you(especially his big three).
Thank you to the people working on translating these chapters!
Now this... this is Mizukami.
Everything was good until she turned into a magical girl. Then it was awesome.
Mmmm yes, this is the Mizukami Satoshi we all know and love.
Planet With felt somewhat off. Didn't hook me in like his other works.
This one nailed it with just the first chapter.
Looks like we're in for a (quarterly) ride bois.