Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World
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  • Igye Geomwang Saengjongi
  • Otherworldly Sword King's Survival Records
  • Survival of the Sword King
  • The Survival Record of the Sword King in Another World
  • 拔剑九亿次
  • 異世界剣王生存記
  • 이계 검왕 생존기
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" You have been selected as the fittest"
" With your abilities, the survival rate in Selha Latna is less that [5%]. "
"Do you want to commit suicide? Y/N"
Less than a 5% chance of survival. 22 years. Countless battles with the demon dogs. In this hell; I'm surviving alone.
Hidden behind level 5, together with the outrageous hidden stats!
The extreme survival record of the strongest level 5 swordsman Ryu han bin who was thrown into this other world with just a sword.

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    This is going to be localized officially on Tapas on Jan. 25th and it's going to be wait till free chapters. Let's support the author there guys!
    This feels like a more boring version of one punch man unfortunately.
    i wanna see more battles
    Ah, seems lots of chapters were removed from mangadex.

    Lost track of what 'recen't chapters I've read.
    Is there a way to see what chapters I've read, even if they are no longer hosted on mangadex?
    @DiBBz that's a shame. Other websites are probably getting the scans from that portal then. Manganelo has it up to date I believe (using Tachiyomi)
    This started off REALLY strong, but once it got to the meat and potatoes it fell off. OP characters are popular, but all too often they are poorly written. The rest of the writing falls apart to compensate for the existence of an op character. There ended up being way too many points where the mc didn't/couldn't use his power for contrived reasons. I didn't come to like any of the characters either, they just felt empty. I feel like their arcs were very rushed, there was never really much of a chance to get to know them. So, any time spent trying to make me feel empathy for them was wasted. It wasn't TERRIBLE though, clearly people like it if it has an 8.5 rating.
    @MoogleChan26 nope. they dont upload to mangadex anymore as far as i remember. they used to but dont anymore as they have their own portal for which they upload. just like leviathan scans etc.
    @DiBBz is SK scans affiliated with Mangadex? I went through the group list here and couldn't pinpoint which is SK scans. If they have a discord it would be good to ask them to post their translations here
    @Talith SK Scans are translating it. currently at chapter 72. dunno why it aint being uploaded here but now you know at least!
    Current chapters uploaded online are ch1-72, more will come this year going forward just not on this website. You will have to go to a different website if you wish to be caught up with the story / continue reading this.
    Seems like there is a novel it's adapted from. Anyone know about this? Is there a traduction of it or something?
    I've been reading it here for people looking liking this manhwa
    Looks like Asura dropped this as it isn't on their website.
    Go to if you wanna read the rest I think it's currently on ch. 70 idk why they haven't uploaded the current chapters here also hiperdex uploads manhwa/webtoon hentai so yeah you've been warned
    Did asura dropped this, i saw another group working on it.
    Ya, all seem to forget that its possible to have multiple main characters.
    Just because the focus is on another of the stories main characters doesn't mean that the titular character is a side character all of a sudden.
    This is disappointing. You will feel so much hype when you read the first few chapters but the rest of the chapters for season 1 are so bad. It's like the MC is the side character and the story is focusing more on the side characters. The MC itself is really a good character and I really like him. But then again, the focus on him is so lacking sometimes I think he is a side character
    Mutual thoughts.
    I like the fight scene, author at the starting chapters showed us op mc, he literally beat down a level 90 monster with ease. Because of this it created a hype, a exciting feeling in us when two beast( han bin & inquisitor) crashed head on. I accepted the outcome of battle being superstrong doesn't mean that you're op. Hanbin lost the fight because his body couldn't hold the aura, well he was limited because of his level 5.
    What i don't like in the story right now is that our mc is becoming a side character. Season 1 revolved around mc, and i liked that, setting/ pace of the story for the upcoming big picture.
    Season 2 was more like meh...... Author introduced side characters, that's acceptable but he forgot about mc, its like he just wanted to get over with the fight, no development on hanbin.
    Zhang lu death should open up the development of hanbin. Author should make han bin more active now, not only that but its from my side, there should be more development, like han bin should understand how the world is working now, he has to form a team to defeat those fake heroes, and use his brain a bit more.
    Chapter 68 was hype as all fucking hell but 69 sucked me back to reality... the story just... I dunno. The fight was absolutely amazing! To die for even!! Quite literally!!! But story-wise... I dunno. It doesn’t quite live up to the awesome action sequences. Hanbin IS a side character at this point. There is NO main character, just 100% support character that ultimately don’t really keep the story afloat. I liked the new kid (sorta) but I honestly couldn’t give two shits about him. I spent numerous chapters seeing Hanbin crumple into a paper clip, who then proceeded to not give up but live his life however torturous! He deserves justice! Against the system, yes, of course, but more importantly his character deserves justice! I’m left in a weird spot. I love Hanbin, I love the fight sequences, I worship Chapter 68, but damn is the story so fucking MEH.