Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World
Alt name(s):
  • Igye Geomwang Saengjongi
  • Otherworldly Sword King's Survival Records
  • Survival of the Sword King
  • The Survival Record of the Sword King in Another World
  • 이계 검왕 생존기
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  • 8.63
  • 527
Pub. status:
  • 160,239
  • 11,952
  • 136
" You have been selected as the fittest"
" With your abilities, the survival rate in Selha Latna is less that [5%]. "
"Do you want to commit suicide? Y/N"
Less than a 5% chance of survival. 22 years. Countless battles with the demon dogs. In this hell; I'm surviving alone.
Hidden behind level 5, together with the outrageous hidden stats!
The extreme survival record of the strongest level 5 swordsman Ryu han bin who was thrown into this other world with just a sword.
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I don’t see why this has high reviews. The art is nice, but the story progression is lower than a damn full capacity camel!
I'm so fucking tired of these "overpowered MCs hide their true power" stories. They're so boring. The MCs always limit themselves to enemies that are 10,000 times weaker than them so they're never in any danger. The plot never progresses because the MC doesn't get stronger nor does the story ever go anywhere. Not to mention the fact that in this story, everyone seems to be so far beneath MC that even if he revealed himself, they couldn't do shit about it. He literally has no reason to hide his powers besides plot. MC could probably go out and defeat all of the people serving the goddess along with the goddess herself and return to his world like he's wanted to for 20 years and yet the author expects us to believe that he's fine with just going around and fighting weak mobs. Absolutely abysmal writing but I read it anyway because there's nothing else out.
I started reading this on the day that MD went down and changed to .cc for a bit, so I ended up losing it. Glad I found it again.
Starts good, but gets really boring

Its obviously because of the inquisition. He could be the strongest in the world but he is still just one guy, he might live in a fight against them, but not without losing everyone he cares about, whom are clearly strong motivators for him since he spent over two decades in harrowing isolation.
Story starts good goes a bit shitty...
@tamervlur Did the collab between the scanlation groups stop?
More english chapters on other sites
When new chapter?

Thanks for the translation
@Owyn I thought that Other-Worlders and Dragons gained XP off of killing Humans/"Players" whereas the residents of the world do not.
@Owyn maybe a level up buff is applied to all other worlders idk
what about dragons tho?

and yea I get that starting level 20 is an advantage but manga wasn't saying about that but the ability to level up by killing monsters as a whole I think
@Owyn im not 100% sure but i think its because it is facilitated by the system
Don’t die on me, TL! Unless it’s hit raws, I can’t tell
Any explanation about that whole "only Otherworlders & dragons can level up by killing monsters that's why they are so strong and feared" - cuz that's total bs and false, cuz hunters do it the exact same way and level up too killing monsters as it is shown here

explain pls (and tag me)
Almost 20th chapter, and there are no waifus on horizon. Very much fine with me. I can even say I prefer it this way.
I've read a lot of korean webtoons now, mostly out of boredom but in part out of masochism. They update fast and in this world of dwindling japanese translators and draconian copyright it makes up an ever increasing portion of what is out there to read. That having been said this is the first that I can genuinely say is good. I enjoyed this and recommend it.
@Rabcor i finished reading ch.19 and I was JUST about to start writing a very similar paragraph. 19 ch. and they just continue talking and talking about the world around them without actually progressing one bit and he pretty much acts like he doesn't care . The most frustrating thing is the HE KNOWS that he's strong,

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jb/reaper scan is rushed.

I wonder why... Could it be that JB was trying to get ahead and then whine about how Levi is sniping them.