Wa no Kage
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  • La sombra del Anillo
  • The Shadow of the Ring
  • 环之影
  • 環の影
  • 環之影
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  • 7.84
  • 62
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  • 52,007
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Set in a world that has a ring encircling the planet, there is a nation that follow the tradition of chasing the shadow cast by this ring. They go as far as the ends of both northern and southern edges of the continents to accomplish their 'shadow chasing'. For what reason? Who knows. What is known about this nation is that they have been able to preserve their small nation in so small part to their advanced understanding of the 'Corona Solids', which have been utilised to build an array of creations, most notably the 'hakukai armour', which enables its user to enhance their natural ability, as well as create weapons out of this special creation. However, it seems that a storm is brewing upon this nation...


Official Spanish (Mangaplus)
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  • Volume 0/4
  • Chapter 0/30

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@Shadowzack let me making it short

btw, here the plot twist!

ah! things were messed up.

edit : i jumped to ch.29,
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@Kronous seems like getting axed?? its quite short for this type of a story. But I'm still gonna read it anyway
@kronous just spoil it for me.
read till ch.30 sigh~~~ unbookmark and rate 4/10
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add tragedy tag! and if you continue reading, you'll get disappointed.
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So this is where corona project started... i see
Its interesting, but kindda confusing and the characters are dumb.
I love how demeaning the style is. They say Empire and Kingdom and whatnot but the all the structures in the background looks like slums still.
@WhureHouse it's easy the short name is for the ruined country, and each time a country happens to be mentioned, they must be speaking about the other one :v
Interesting, but I still have trouble with remembering all the names.
Every single character from the small nation is so infuriatingly naive and dumb
@DJMoghBrighde Awesome, that's what I was hoping for. Thanks for working on this. :D
@0x00019913 At least in my opinion it starts picking up from about chapter 9 onwards. The incompetence of the characters becomes simultaneously more meaningful and less ubiquitous, and as a result it becomes a lot easier to feel invested in the characters.
Huh, I'd really hoped I'd like this more. Just the description sounds amazing. The art is nice. The storytelling, though, feels... off, somehow. There's some kind of hard-to-describe crappiness to it. Maybe it's because every character is incompetent, maybe it's that the world feels disappointingly unabsorbing despite being more well-conceived than most.

Thank you for the translations, though. I hope this improves.
What is this discount gintoki
@Niewaznekto hahaha!

Your editing helped a lot! I'd agree with you. The proportion of good original works is low in general, so anytime an original idea pops up, it gets more acclaim than might be warranted.

This one is original. Not yet sure if it's going to be good.
g-gin-chan?? straight black haired gin-chan?

@Male Oh fucking phone keyboards.
@Kageshinogi I agree with your point that an actual original story is a huge relief after all the mediocre isekai. Compared to those, this may feel like a literal masterpiece but I worry that it's simply going to be a mediocre original story. Which is still better than a mediocre isekai.

Art concepts are original but all the characters look the same. Details of the expressions is lacking. World building seems decently thought out. We'll see. I hope he improves.

I'm reserving judgement but @Niewaznekto could be right. After trying to account for his spelling, I believe I know what he's saying.