Past Life Regressor
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[Would you like to reverse time?] [All stats will be reset] [Please pick a date.] "February 28th, 1985. The day I was born." Wealth, I will seize all the money in the world. Monopoly, I will seize all the dungeons in the world. At this time, while the world is still peaceful.
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Thefore he just memorized these stories, this is not uncommon thing

I'm glad that excuse works for some people but to me, it just sounds like a really lazy far fetched excuse just so a protagonist could be all-knowing.
Memorizing random stories told by a friend about his old days which are completely and utterly irrelevant to his future (Because he had no way knowing he will go back in time when those stories were told)
is not common neither is a friend retelling his stories with exact dates and without a single error in his memory is common.
Especially when those days are spent fighting or w/e they were doing.
I'm not an accountant so this one got really boring. I had to stop reading at chapter 14.
He knows financial related events and dates perfectly from multiple decades ago... When he was 13y/o! i doubt any 13 years old from average household would even pay attention to these things, much less remember it decades later without an error.
How? why?
Huh I thought they explained it - during the years of battles and travel in team, part of which was he and Jonathan, the later was telling a lot of stories about his days as Wall Street Wolf - with great enthusiam and detail - just like some people like to tell stories about the past. Thefore he just memorized these stories, this is not uncommon thing
wow the translation really went into the trash after the 3rd chapter.

I fucking hate when something starts with good translations then goes to shit. so fucking annoying.
@Gigz its not lack of an action at least in my case its that
He knows financial related events and dates perfectly from multiple decades ago... When he was 13y/o! i doubt any 13 years old from average household would even pay attention to these things, much less remember it decades later without an error.
How? why? nothing is explained, for some reason just because he went in time it means he will know every event with dates perfectly.

If the story explained how he knows that why he remembers it so well even if the reasoning is low effort fantasy-filled gibberish i would still be a lot less bother by it than when where is nothing.

It feels like everything is happening for the sake of pushing the plot.

Anyways that's just IMHO.
I have no issue with people liking this in fact I would love to read a manga where time traveler focuses on finances and stuff like that. just with a bit more explanation.
It's pretty cool. I just wanted to ask about the accuracy so far. How plausible are the investments made and the economic war?
Did they really just explain what taxes are?
I like it. I can understand why people don't like it, with its lack of action and focus on money at the start, though.

However, I still enjoy this manhwa even with its lack of action; it actually gives me a fresh breath of air from all the fighting. To me, it still retains the essence of a time travel action Manhwa in that the MC is hard-working and flexes hard as hell. That's what I enjoy most.
No novel, it's an original Manhwa. Not all series have a web-novel/novel.
Hey guys, where can I read this light novel of this? Or is it not available?
@mxtt10589 And why is it pointless if you understand the point? Rephrase it..
Would it be better if the author just said "and he got money from stocks, a couple of billion at that"?
After all those isekai, wuxia comics etc that throw you into cold water bc they just want so show some action, I feel like even 20 chapters preparation is too short. For me everything up until now was too fast paced and should have been even more elaborative its not even logical to skip those few years, wouldnt you want to spend some time with your family instead of skipping it?
@mxtt10589 it will help, you create an hierarchy!!
it kinda reached the point that I just got bored and started skimming, all this stock and money is starting to feel pointless, yea like all that money is gonna be helpful during a apocalypse with everything already being destroyed
I know people might think that this early chapter is quite boring or got different way about "reincarnation/Dungeon".

But for me personally, the Author did reasonable solution for MC to prepare the upcoming event.
And is quite interesting when he tried to build his basic and foundation, well even though he choose to skipped his infant period and get to Puberty period.
but still, even if he skip it, it somehow managed to completely follow his pathway.

He use his knowledge of the future not just to get "Fast money" but also to get a "Stable Money", Since he know that he needs lots of money in order to attack the Dungeon.
Not like some Manhua or Manga out there that makes their MC suddenly got a lots of Money out of nowhere (Yeah PLOT-ARMOR lvl 999) and almost completely ignore the common sense and basic knowledge (Yeah i know it is fantasy).

So this Manhwa has good world development, and i see this will might get into the good part in chapter 15 - 20.
So far i can give this Manhwa 10/10, but let see what happen next.

And again, i am just gonna say this, this Manhwa is basically created by "Korean" Author and for "Korean" readers at first.
Also in Asian especially Korean, talking about "Trading or Stock exchange" is quite norm there (Well you know asian, Chinese people also quite good at counting). So i guess this one is quite popular in korea.
translation quality takes a dip at ch 4, making it pretty difficult to understand a lot of the finance stuff, in turn making it harder to enjoy...
In chapter 9 I don't understand what MC meant with no internet or beeper.
He contacted John through internet, and beepers were around from the '80s (I think, maybe late in the decade).
Cellphones weren't much good in '97, but they existed, maybe MC started contacting John in '96 but the tech was more or less the same.
Ways to talk with someone through internet were limited and not simple as now, but it was possible.
Error in translation, the story writer possibly be young and thinking the avaiable technology in that time frame wasn't much or the MC talking about the tech around when he was born (still would make little sense in this chapter).
thank you so much translator!!! 🥰🥰
This is pretty nice, is this based on a novel? has that novel been translated somewhere? I hate waiting for manhwa chapters D:
This story has really gone a completely different way than I was expecting.
So this is trading comic