Wicked Trapper: Hunter of Heroes
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  • Magatsu Wanashi no Yuusha kari
  • Зловещий Бог ловушек: охотник на героев
  • 灾厄陷阱师的勇者狩猎
  • 禍つ罠師の勇者狩り
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  • 639
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  • 167,042
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Echizen, a game developer known to make the hardest of games to the point that they were near impossible to complete, earned himself the title of "God Trapper." However, he quits the company when he isn't allowed to do what he's best at: Building traps. His destiny then takes another sudden turn when he is transported to another world which most would describe with the word, "hell." He meets the demon king's daughter and manages to obtain her power, turning him into a true, "God Trapper". From there his journey in this new world that he perceives as heaven, begins.
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@jorgeDS clearly a fake version of rance, the real rance fucks chicks for free

@i_need_SMUUUT we just bantering lmao
@JustNatsuki wtf are you talking about

and @jorgeDS "transvestites " aww wtf dude lol
@JustNatsuki what the fuck are you on about bro with $300 I go to some hood and get 82 transvestites in my car, with huge fucking chests and ass hitting their cocks in my face as I drive. The transvestites all fucking euphoric. I'm the king with $300 bucks.
@Auyuez Because it’s much easier to kill someone than fuck a chick

Fucking a chick requires $1500 or being attractive. Killing someone requires you being able to shoot a pistol. And the cheapest guns are around $300. A fifth the price.
I just don't get it. Why do people keep making these heavily sexual settings, but have the MC act like some kind of maiden when it comes to that stuff (like nah he doesn't mind murdering other humans, but too shy to make a move on heroine). It's another one of those stories where the entire story is just showing tidbits of forecoming people to NTR the MC to pull in unease and make people keep reading just to watch the MC struggle to protect the heroine instead of making a move himself.
The premise is like been in a state serve alcohol intoxication and you try to walk straight , it like stumbling into a train wreck in the neolithic.
Mc is so dumb, they say don't bring anybody in but he goes and does the exact opposite like a dumb cunt.
Next chapter: orc rape
@Question2 your geek example is not that much of a fantasy though, because geeks can get a tech focused job and do very well as far as money goes, and then get hot girls as a result of having money. A lot of successful silicon valley people started out as geeks and probably had problems being bullied in school.
I thought this would be different, but nope.

>MC gets ostracized
>gets isekaied and obtains an OP power and a 10/10 love interest
>uses his OP power to make her fall for him while "proving" to all his bullies that he wasnt wrong

Its such a pathetic self insert fantasy. This is literally the stereotypical fantasy where some guy gets bullied in school because hes a "geek" but then graduates and then gets a hot girl because hes rich now.

Its particularly stupid how the basic premise doesnt make sense, it is IMPOSSIBLE for a game dev to sneak such large changes into the game without anyone knowing. There is no way it would pass QA without someone noticing "wait, this stuff isnt supposed to be in the game...". It would be like if call of duty came out and in the first level there were aliens with ray guns instant killing the player, and then the devs were like "oh we had no idea this was in the game! one guy did it all on his own!".

Game companies dont give a shit if their social networks are on fire either. Can you name a single one that does? No matter how much shit they get on their forums, twitter, whatever, they simply do not care. Remember that red alert game that bombed beause they made a co-op tactical game when the fans wanted a base building game? The devs were like "yea we knew the fans wanted a base building game but we wanted to do something different". Devs very rarely care what their customers want, they make the game THEY want to make/play.
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>Bad developer receiving complaints about his game design not being enjoyable.
>WTF, why are those scrubs complaining. I'm the greatest.
>Get fired due to lack of self improvement.
>I hate the world.

This is isekai YandereDev. I kinda like the premise but man, did they screw up with the presentation. Freaking edgelord.
This author draws hentai well

Too much guro, though
Alpha White Mage
fun fun fun
I hope it develops a lot more, but the start is fairly solid.
Ok now you got my attention
Another retarded MC -_-
I hope he'll fuck the demoness soon! 😁
It starts great and the artwork is pretty good. Shit's filled with cliches tho'