Reborn 80,000 Years
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  • 重生八万年
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A generation of strong stars, Stardust, died at the hands of the villain and fell accidentally. When I woke up, I had been sleeping for 80,000 years. Things have changed. The four adopted sons have already become the strong men of the continent; a wild dog that has been saved has become the supreme demon king... that child, it is said 40,000 years ago, overcame common customs and became supreme! Observing the small sorrows of tens of thousands of years ago, one by one, Yang Chen feels that Yalishan is great! This is a little loaded.

Polish / Polski
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pff why do these chinese manhua always just kill everybody? its getting boring.
The series is average at best with dragged out plotlines and I hope the peanut gallery aside the MC gets more interesting.

And came to just say that if someone is going to complain about grammar do a spell check before posting lol.
The cover should be changed, only 1 of the 3 girls appeared in the story in 100 chapters, the other 2 didn't even get a small apearance anywhere.
I don't know it the cover is from the latest chapters and they appear there, but I've looked over the raws and 20 chapters from where we are now still no puprle or green hair.

Edit, I've hit the cap from the raws, the other 2 girls do not appear.

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Read 2 chapters. Yet another comic that is ruined from the start by the poor translation quality. No clue why the comment below mine says the translation is "great" -- it clearly isn't. Just read the first two chapters. Very poor grammer, missing words all over the place and really basic sentences that at times don't even make much sense. I guess it's better than machine translation, but that's about it.

Not even worth the effort to try, as far as I'm concerned.
the translators are great and have my respect, but god damn this series is garbage. I am the great immortal 2.0 right here , even with the latest chapter(99) this still is garbage so are the plots. mc is worst. the fmc is pure uter garbage shit like the lowest shit, eaten shit than shit again and eaten again to be shit. Makes sakura look like the perfect and actually useful. spineless and useless and plot device. Really had to vent cause it started pretty okish, but the least 20 or so chapters are too hard to swallow. every time same thing. greatest there is dies is reincarnated and its made a fool by the fucking town's retard and he just takes it like rly... Everyone knows who he is yet still act in a pretty stupid way. like srylsy if u knew that guy is the greatest emperor from 80000 years ago and some retard is insulting him 100 times and u are like "GET OUT, I WOULDNT HAVE SPARED YOUR LIFE IF NOT FOR UR FAMILY " , like are you fucking kidding me. how the fuck is his garbage family more important than the MC? seriously it hurts my brain to lower my inteligence at the level the author wants us to be to be able to immerse in the story and enjoy it.

End of rant as i said i dont want the translators to feel anything about my rant, you guys are great and my respect for sticking with the series. *thumbs up*
Looks like you guys are on a spree. Thanks for so many chapters.
yah @darknessblade

Someone should make it a Delay Redir to their site.
Like adding the latest chapter And Redir to their site,

That way people here can read till the latest, and do not have to wait for "Fan" translations to catch up
Thanks for the mass update.
@darknessblade ok thanks for that reply i completely forgot about this manga its on ch 133 hahah if we chat like that i guess it will act like remainder as well XD
@mangadex are uploading this ch every 3 days at least add missing manga at least next ch will be day after tomorrow !
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True or at least a Redirection to their site from the latest chapter
Is every chinese this stupid or is the author that cant write a normal person?.
is it me or the background/mob talk is always the same in every chapter?
isn't this series on ch 131 i just searched for raw and i found that this manga is translated on manhuaus idk why at least @mangadex add missing ch to match to them since until now 131 ch can be found in translated !!
is it just me or are the same chapters being uploaded and removed over and over again. I swear i have read these same 3 chapters 10 times already.
Indeed its already been translated to chapter 128, but it seems to have different quality of translations. Perhaps it has multiple translators where one uses purely machine translations, another one uses it also but tries to improve the grammar and another one who seems to be the only one who knows what they're doing with good translations. Unfortunately, there is no set chapters of who does who so you might get a trash translation chapter and then a very good one and then back to machine translations.
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Typical mediocre xianxia story with lots of useless talk & trash antagonist & trash peanut gallery
@elite23force Of course, they're behind the official translation. Mangadex only hosts unofficial translations here. Kiss***** was stealing official translations so they were more up-to-date and was able to do mass-releases as well.

A lot of Chinese manhua are more aggressive with officially translating their stuff so they can make more money through globalization, so they tend to have more official releases than the fan-translated releases from various scan groups. Unlike Japanese manga or Korean Manhwa who aren't as aggressive with translating officially so the scan groups for those tend to be more ahead than the official releases instead.

There were quite a number of individuals or small groups who claimed to be scanlators who would just steal the official translations and then upload them as their own, so that would explain why MangaDex is behind in chapters in many of their Chinese Manhua.

While I'm just a normal registered user, I do read all of MD's updates, and rules, and how they operate. While I may not remember all the fine details, I can explain it pretty well to other users who don't have the time to read but still question/copmplain the lack of chapters xD
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Is it me or mangadex is a bit behind with the chapters???