Lockdown No Escape
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The Sound of the alarm triggering the lockdown is the last thing Sam can remember. Sam wakes up in the middle of his classroom to discover everyone around him is dead. With no memories of how he got there, Sam tries to figure at what could have happened, but Sam doesn't just have to worry about what killed his classmates, because even the survivors are after his blood.
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The story is meh, why would you explain everything at what seems like the beginning of the story? It’s better if you reveal things gradually during their time of survival on the island. Also the main character is quite a Gary sue and the story jumps too aggressively. Other then that omg the tags! The tags are ??? Like what is going on

The art is very good though and you can see obviously lot of work went into this
This is gonna be constructive criticism, please take this as advice and not an angry review. The writing doesn't flow between chapters, it feels like the story is a poorly created adventure game where a problem is presented and the MC is given the perfect answer almost immediately. The dialogue and thoughts don't feel verbal, people talk in a casual way, and especially in life-threatening scenarios. Although an episodic approach can make the plot more complex the entire part about him searching for Ray when he wakes up and then we realize that Ray is this guy he sort-of knows but isn't really his friend. The relationship between MC and Ray is weak and makes many of the events less believable.

Like others have commented I also think the tags could be shortened. I'd remove the genres of Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, and Tragedy. Psychological and Mystery are fairly weak as the mystery is easily solved by the reader before the big reveal even happens. This story hasn't been comedic, and although there are monsters they serve to move the plot forwards rather than scare the reader.

The themes are also fairly inaccurate at least pertaining to the first 25 chapters. Aliens (where?), Delinquents (where?), Demons (where?), Mafia (not clear if the island is run by Mafia or shady organization), Martial Arts (where?), Military (where?), Monster Girls (where?), and School Life (minor role as the school only serves to introduce the relationships between characters and the setting) should be removed. Although some of the themes might make sense after more information is revealed (such as what are the monsters they are fighting? who is creating them? etc.) it is probably better to remove them for the sake of spoilers as well.

This series has promise, and I do like the general basis, but currently, the dialogue and transitions between chapters are awkward. Even if you do take some of this advice I don't expect to see any change in the writing for the next 5-10 chapters as they are already written/storyboarded most likely. Best of luck JkSManga, hope to see improvements.
Not enough tags? lol
i don't know if this is good or bad but those tags are too many to even describe this.
too much flash back it become incoherent mess seperate them to different arc damn it
This is utter trash. Which 10 year old wrote this??
Its good but get rid of half the tags because holy shit it made me almost skip it (due to other user made comics that are complete ass sewage)
@Glomoro I feel like monster girls could still be separate from the supernatural/fantasy tag unless they only exist as antagonist elements (with this level of tagging it's entirely possible that monster girls just refers to the mutant monsters that happen to be/have been girls). That said, this absolutely needs some tag trimming.
Title resembles a bad Stallone or Van Damme movie.
Haha yeah, slapping so many tags on one manga just makes me think it's terrible.
There were so many tags on this it felt like I was looking at a video on Youtube or something that was fishing for views. Then I noticed both the user created tag and that the author and the uploader have the same name. Personally I think it's better to narrow these things down a little. Comedy and tragedy for instance, either one can use elements of the other but they don't usually coexist as equals. One of them is the primary focus, and the other isn't. Crime, delinquents, and mafia could probably be cut down to crime. Fantasy, aliens, demons, monster girls, monsters, supernatural, and zombies can probably get trimmed to fantasy and/or supernatural.

Just a friendly suggestion, you can take it or leave it (I know this is the kind of site where people might disagree with me and prefer as many tags as they think seem even a little applicable, to help people sort things out more precisely).
Resident Evil mix with some shit I don't care