The King of Fantasy
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  • THE KING OF FANTASY 八神庵の異世界無双 月を見るたび思い出せ!
  • The King of Fantasy: Iori Yagami in another world ~Remember me when you look at the moon!~
  • The King of Fantasy: Yagami Iori no Isekai Musou
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Playtime is over! Be it monsters, goblins, dragons, or female knights, I will turn you all into ashes!

After a decisive battle with his eternal rival Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami got transported to another world. In these unknown lands, Iori ends up saving a female knight named Altena...

An unexpected manga! KOF‘s popular character, Iori Yagami, will burn the world of Isekai with his purple flame!

Pt-Br: Acabou a brincadeira! Sejam monstros, globins, dragões ou cavaleiras femininas, vou transformar todos vocês em cinzas!

Após uma batalha decisiva com seu eterno rival Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami foi transportado para outro mundo. Nestas terras desconhecidas, Iori acaba salvando uma cavaleira chamada Altena...

Um mangá inesperado! O personagem popular de KOF, Iori Yagami, queimará o mundo de Isekai com sua chama roxa!
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The problem with getting a licence to use an established character in your manga is your entire premise is based on a reference. If someone hasn't played the game, then they wont get the reference, cool niche idea but it doesn't work as well for people who dont like or haven't played the game.

Me, im those people.

Might be a good idea to use a more recognizable character for your premise but it seems like this is more someomes passion project rather than an actual attempt at a popular series
I find it funny reading comments from people who have no idea who Iori is or what KOF is, but it's kinda sad.
Kind of silly to think that people read this manga without ever having played a SNK game.
I showed this manga to like five people; because the idea of an established fighting game character getting isekaid with no cheat powers except his own sounded like an interesting twist.

One of them didn't think it'd fix the genre.
Two of them dropped when they found out it was King of Fighters.
One of them just said 'oh it isn't Terry' and left.
The last read the actual main character and said 'ugh, that guy'

None of them read it.

I think they might have wasted a license and a really cool premise.
I have no idea how to mention somebody in the comments so I'm just going to post it here. I don't really know and I don't really care. Doesn't make him less or more sufferable. He just kind of seems like a prick and I don't want to deal with it anymore. So I'm dropping this, that's all there is to it.
I don't like the mc.. he really like chuunibyou when fight..
@JaxTheTurtleManager isn't that how iori originally do? i mean he is always a sasuke type kind of character
This would be so much better if the character that everybody seems to love wasn't an absolute asshole. Bro I couldn't even get through like five chapters because he's just insufferable.
@mathias I’m betting 1$ that there will be a rural counterpart but I’m pretty sure its going to be a vampire counterpart because rural drink blood right? Or does he just drink wine? I forget
How much are you all betting that at some point there will be Rugal's counterpart in this manga?
My fav KOF char in manga??

Yup i'll read it, hope it's good
I suddenly wanted Isekai Sherlock Holmes

or Isekai Darth Vader
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wow i haven't play king of fighters for years, man, i feel the nostalgia
This is better than it really has much right to be, given the premise of a KoF Isekai. It incorporating directional commands into the world is kind of amazing.
Now spell yagami backward!
5/10 not great plot meh charecters MC's haircut is fucking CRINGE so ye wouldnt really recommend
The manga is good. My problema with It is that story like this then to.have pretty lame endings.
WTF, The King of Fighters actually had one of its characters, Iori Yagami, his very own Isekai story?
I'd pay with my soul to watch an anime of this, also would be cool if they made some sort of game about this manga, unlike the usual kof it'd be more like skyrim or some other openworld game, something to make iori really shine, now, i am not saying this because iori is my favorite character, but, maybe i am
Every Iorisekai in a nutshell: