Immortal Nanny Dad
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  • Daddy Poison Master
  • Fairy Daddy
  • Gu Xian Nai Ba
  • Papa Dewa Racun
  • Poison Immortal Stay-at-home Dad
  • Trail Notice
  • 蠱仙奶爸
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  • 6.83
  • 283
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  • 225,905
  • 6,522
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Ye Zun, a martial artist was reborn in a modern world in a man who accidentally died, the first thing he have do is to babysit the daughter of that man....
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is this manga of god level dad ?
I have so many things that are wrong with this novel, but I still read it... So let's start!

The bad parts:

1. Better name would have been "Immortal Caretaker Dad", I just don't see why anyone thought nanny was a good choice.

2. "Showing not telling" is a popular sentence in writing that this manga still doesn't seem to know.

3. There are actually quite a few examples of bad writing in this novel from pacing issues to grammar errors, to stilted dialogue.

4. One dimensional characters that only serve one purpose, characters that exist solely to further the plot and are thrown away soon after, etc. Most commonly this is on the villains of this story, but not limited to them.

Now for the actually good parts~

1. The characters are endearing.

2. The story itself isn't that bad... at times.

3. The drawings are nice.

4. The characters that aren't one-dimensional are actually pretty well developed.

Final score: 5/10 it's not a bad manga to waste your time in, but there are probably better things to read if you are not bothered to search.
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Start is good enough to entertain you but then it becomes boring.
It isn't quality manga. Characters are quite simplistic. For example
Plot is non existent. All manga is basically runs on this "Let's do something > We met arrogant people who want to kill us > Hard battle > Win > Let's do something else".
Logic doesn't exist. For example MC is ultimate master who can barely defeat simple enemies. Can't even protect people he cares about.

It's entertaining. It isn't good.
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Fuck off nuan nuan you are NOT cute
Ask Funlist Online Scans to upload other missing chapter because their already upload it in their website
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The but here translation of the last chapter was the line for me... Droped
Looking into the translation (shoving the Chinese through around 15 different translators), it appears the title is referring to the fact the "Immortal Father" is playing a "motherly role" in raising the kid. In which case a better translation of the name (idea wise) would be "Motherly Immortal Father", or something to that effect. But I may be wrong, in which case please ignore me.

Edit: actually looking at the styling of the art, the character I had discounted earlier "poison" appears to be intentional (as evidenced by the skull). In which case it's probably more like "Poisonous Motherly Immortal Father" or perhaps since it's separated out onto 2 lines "Poisonous Immortal, Motherly Father" depending on whether there's 2 subjects or 1.
Ok yeah. Fairy daddy is by far the worst name yet.
As time goes on, there is less and less father-daughter stuff and more and more: "Protagonist leaves 'wife' and child behind, goes and beats people up, while smirking constantly, in hilariously bad action sequences".

I ran out of chapters to read but honestly my will to keep going is just about gone too. The promise of occasional generically-cute father-daughter stuff just isn't worth trudging through all this, surely.
Sorry but iam kinda disapointed from chapter 88 to 92, kinda bullshit even for wuxia. Hope it's getting better.
30 chapters in, and I'm getting bothered as hell—not from the wanton violence and misogyny in the series (which I... kind of expect from manhua, honestly, and I'm always sorry for people who have to live with a culture that promotes these things, and this series is far from the worst...)—but from the fact that people in the chapter comments seem to be unilaterally lapping it up. Jesus christ folks.

That said, the father-daughter interaction is adorbs.
So this happens in a later chapter:

Make it Immortal Daddy
There was nothing wrong with Immortal Nanny Dad.

Original chinese name wasn't meant to be cool, it *was* meant to be somewhat funny. All these name changes doesn't make it cooler, and it also is further and further away from the original.
The last time I saw someone translate 仙 into "fairy" by a good translator was a full decade ago -- when the concept of Xianxia wasn't even popular yet.
Fairy would be 精灵 (fairy, elf, pixie, etc., things on that line).
Just keep it as the original title.
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Pick a name and stick with it before I lose my mind pls.

The name isn't getting any better no matter how much it's swapped.
It's funny how the name keeps changing but still end up sounding lame.
@YouSuckDiddleyUck not sure but what I can say ch99 and above FUNLIST website just taken ManhuaES release. So better directly go read in ManhuaES website because more chapter and faster update
Why does the name for this series keep changing?