The Duchess With An Empty Soul
Alt name(s):
  • The Duchess’ Empty Shell
  • The Empty Shelled Duchess
  • 빈껍데기 공작부인
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I died miserably, on the day I found out the truth. The truth, that my fiance had a hidden lover and it was my very own cousin.

On the second morning, after my 20th birthday, a miracle happened. From that point on, I decided not to believe in love anymore.

I want to have a relationship with no strings attached and without any superficial feelings such as love.

"Duke Agentine, will you marry me?"

This proposal was nothing more than a marriage to keep up appearances and without love involved.
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i don't understand why people are supporting the snipers... while i will agree both sides aren't 100% wrong in what their end goal is (letting users read comics for free), i understand why sniping is an issue. all of you here are reading this FOR FREE. who has to get the raws and pay for them? who is the one using their time to properly clean them and translate them? it's not your money going into it so ofc you don't think too much about it. you just care about whether or not the translations will continue. as opposed to 5 groups spending money on the same comic isn't it more efficient if they all worked on different comics? that is my take on why sniping is terrible and why we shouldn't support snipers. the translation groups might have already bought a ton of raws and even translated and cleaned some of them, but suddenly they're already uploaded by someone else? the least they could've done was contact the group. do it out of respect. money and time aren't free.

i sincerely thank all the scanlation groups for doing all of this FOR FREE so that we don't have to spend money to find gems like this. if i had time to spare to become a committed redrawer, cleaner or typesetter i would do it. these people are doing us a huge favour so i don't understand why none of their efforts are being appreciated and instead view them as petty. put yourself in their shoes and think about it.
Ooooh, so this is what "the plan" and that magic was all about !! They used her maid to worsen her reputation inside the castle and get her either thrown out and hated or even k*lled if things get too bad, so imagine if she was like any noble, just staying in her room and not actually seeing the workers for who they are, and them not seeing her for who they are, wouldn't it make it easier to create and spread rumors across the castle and maybe even the whole northern territory, waaaah, I hope someone notices that there's something wrong with her maid, I mean they have magicians and sorcerers don't they ? Also wtf, isn't the actual rumor about her and Claude that they are in live with each other...etc ??? So whaaaat ?? Ah and also I just remembered who Stefan is, so I guess that when he returns and finally sees the maid (since she came when they weren't there) he'll notice the magic, he's a being far strong and more sensitive to this kind if thing after all, but isn't Ivona also supposed to be sensitive to that kind of thing so what ? Or maybe is she just testing the waters ?? Well, I don't know, anyway, thanks for your translation and for continuing this series dear KJscans, it's dad that NoNameGroup was treated like that, I mean D&A might find it rude but it's not like it's their series, they're not being good people to the artists and authors either so yeah (also that petty thing at the end were they posted a spoiler, are they for real ??!!), and us as readers are also guilty since we eat someone else's hard work for free, but in a way it's good for us so that we can know if the comic is worth our time and money or not, and the scanlation groups buy the raws or take it from someone who bought it, and since it isn't officially translated in English yet I think that a lot people read it here then go buy the chapters in the raws to support the artists, at least I think they do, and if it's somewhere for free already then I don't know. Anyway, still thank you very much for your hard work, you're also giving up your time for this project and doing it for free as well (except for the donations) so yup, thanks again !
Empty soul empty brain
zzzz Someone deleted 26 -> 30. Wonder who it is.
So glad that there's actually someone manning up! Thank you all that put effort into sharing this series.

The drama is like a side entertainment. Back in the days, sniping was never an issue because there was no such thing when it comes to fan translations. People do it cuz they want to. They do it cuz they feel they are providing better HQ (slower) or faster (lower quality) translations.

Sniping only became a thing cuz at some point, groups started getting tired of the race to release and feeling efforts and resources are being wasted on everyone working on the same series. Then all the hate messages started getting out of hand and many disheartened translators decided to leave the drama and get on with life due to the scan group dramas and lack of appreciation from the hungry mongers that only spam the forums and chats with "when's the next chapter?"
I'm so confused. Is there a bunch of time skipping going on or what?😧
Hah, the drama continues! More chapters!
Er, wait, it's ending? NO~!

Anyways, thank you NNG. If not for you, this series would have been left to rot in the usual limbo of hoarded series by scanlator groups. Your "sniping" is the reason this got translated from 5 to 30 in 3 weeks instead of 3 years, if it haven't been dropped by the scanlator group half way through. Scanlator groups already rarely reach the two digit mark in their non-flagship projects, let alone twice the amount.

That said, down the limbo this series goes, and another scanlator murdered by piracy copyright laws lol. Guilty of scanlating without permission from the rightful owners of the series. RIP in knowing you were not the first, and won't be the last.
at this point, the drama is more entertaining than the actual series
@littleoni ok, that makes sense. Since the load delete stuff started happening here I started reading elsewhere, they've had up to chap 30 for a little bit. I've just been checking comments for the chapter/story discussions mostly. It's a fun read, hoping things stabilize and we get chapters after 30 soon.
When I was a 12 year old I behaved like I was high on cocaine 24/7... How times change
At the time I posted that message, Aurora had released chapter 20, and no one had released a version of chapter 21 that you could call readable. Now that Aurora has released chapter 19 it's starting to come together. Still, it's very unlikely I will find it in me to make sense of the chapters that are translated and the trolls.
...... This series is interesting, but I do believe that I have not seen this much drama over translation.
For now, thank you, Devil and Angel scans for your work so far. I look forward to reading your work, Magnificent Aurora Scans and KKJ Scans!
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I thought the maid is good since FL brought her. But now she seems shady 😱
How many groups does it take to TL a manhwa?
@WoodyCyber if you don't have anyone blocked, fourth from the top.
Thanks for continuing this!! Also the red haired maid makes me suspicious anyone else?
Yeeeessssshhhhh yessshhhh.. all haill for who ever pick this up.. my best wishes for you guys..
my super best wishes for y’all..
chapter 30's out on other sites. please figure it out.
so, where has chapter 24 gone too? or is it just wrong numbering?

while not thrilled with the drama outside the story, most of your statement doesn't seem accurate. While chapter 19 has issues as far as translation there is a chapter 21 and it seems very readable to me. KKJ scans has stated they will release chapters through 30 and then will collaborate with another group, Magnificent Aurora Scans starting at chapter 31. I would think this would help insure timely releases and that even if one group dropped out the other group could at least carry on for awhile.

Edit Add: Thank you KKJ Scans and Magnificent Aurora Scans.