Touhou - Three Fairies (Doujinshi)
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Alt name(s):
  • (C84) Three Fairies Vol. 2 (Touhou Project)
  • (C84) Three Fairies Vol.2 (東方Project)
  • (C85) Three Fairies Vol. 3 (Touhou Project)
  • (C85) Three Fairiess Vol.3 (東方Project)
  • (C87) Three Fairies ~Little Stone Heart~ Vol.1 (Touhou Project)
  • (C87) Three Fairies ~リトルストーンハート~ Vol.1
  • (C89) Three Fairies Little Stone Heart Vol. 3 (Touhou Project)
  • (C89) Three Fairies リトルストーンハート Vol.3 (東方Project)
  • (Reitaisai 10) Three Fairies Vol. 1 (Touhou Project)
  • (Reitaisai 12) Three Fairies ~Little Stone Heart~ Vol. 2 (Touhou Project)
  • (例大祭10) Three Fairies Vol.1 (東方Project)
  • (例大祭12) Three Fairies ~リトルストーンハート~ Vol.2 (東方Project)
  • 8.20
  • 8.96
  • 26
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  • 4,785
  • 254
  • 14
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  • Volume 0/?
  • Chapter 0/?

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The cute daily life of the fairies who pretend to be humans!

Just a quick note first, though. While this series is authored and drawn by someone who drew official Touhou Project manga, please keep in mind that this manga is an unofficial doujinshi, and is not canonical to the series.

Anyway, this manga describes the original meeting of the Fairies of Light, as well as their misadventures meeting some other residents of Gensokyo, like Hata no Kokoro and Koishi Komeiji. Did I mention that this manga is cute? Because it's pretty darn cute.